Field & Nest is an online journal dedicated to exploring the world and getting cosy in your own home. Content covers a diverse range of topics, incorporating travel, adventures, interiors, timeless style, photography and slow living. 

Based in Manchester, Emma Lavelle (who previously wrote the blog Kisses & Cross Stitches) is a freelance travel & lifestyle writer who has contributed to publications such as Stylist magazine, Amuse, In Clover magazine and Mahabis Journal. She loves getting outdoors, exploring the world, sitting around a campfire and getting lost in a good book. Alongside writing, she dabbles with photography, social media, content planning and interior styling. When her metaphorical pen isn't in hand, she's probably hanging out with her boyfriend & dog, wandering around the countryside or sipping on a gin & tonic.

Email for collaborations, with writing opportunities, or if you simply want to chat.