My Slow Wardrobe Staples

Some garments mentioned in this blog post were previously gifted to me. All such items are clearly noted. This is not a sponsored post.

I’ve recently had several requests to share my wardrobe on here, so I thought I’d finally slide open the door and share its contents. Now, I don’t have a capsule wardrobe so don’t expect to see a perfectly curated minimal rail of garments. As I’ve mentioned previously, I used to have a ridiculous amount of clothes and I’ve massively culled the number of items in my wardrobe (by giving unwanted items to friends) but I still own what would probably be considered as ‘lots of’ clothes. I’m not going to show it all here, rather I will be highlighting my favourite pieces that I wear all year round.

I organise my wardrobe by seasons, and as we’re currently in that strange middle ground where the seasons are changing I’m going to share what is currently hanging in my wardrobe and folded in my drawers. Tucked away out of sight (in a large suitcase and an ottoman) are my out of season clothes such as summer and winter dresses that I’m not currently wearing. My favourite garments tend to be those that I can wear all year round, that I can layer up in winter and wear on their own in summer. This is one reason that I love wearing linen, as it helps to keep you warm in winter but cool you down in summer - the perfect fabric for anyone living with a changeable climate.

I’m working towards a more streamlined wardrobe full of sustainable brands, but this takes time. I’m not going to throw everything out and start again as that defeats the point. The high street pieces that I have in my wardrobe are ones that I wear over and over again, and there are a couple of beloved high street buys that are staple pieces that I get a lot of wear out of. However, my blog isn’t about promoting high street brands so I’ve thought long and hard about whether I want to include these garments in this blog post. I’ll be naming and linking to the brands that I wish to promote (independent, ethical, sustainable) but I won’t be mentioning the brands of any high street items.

So here they are, the staple pieces from my wardrobe. Those garments that I love the most and get the most wear out of. I’ve also mentioned key items that I currently have my eye on, that would fit perfectly into my slow wardrobe staples.


I like to wear linen skirts, loose-fitted tops, simple trousers and warm, cosy knitwear. My black Linen Fox and nude Kid Philosophy skirts* have been two of my most-worn pieces this year, as have my black Toast jeans with their handy elasticated waist*. With these pieces, I tend to wear simple tops such as my Everlane cotton pocket tees* or my crochet tee that I picked up in a local vintage shop. At the moment, my jumpers and jackets are all high street buys, so I’m on the lookout for a cosy jumper and a long woolen coat that I can wear with everything this winter. I’m tempted by Babaa’s jumpers and am currently outweighing the cost per wear to justify the expense. I also have my eye on Elizabeth Suzann’s Florence pants in flax midweight linen and Petra crop in navy linen.


I’m a dresses girl at heart. I don’t like fussy outfits and would rather just throw on a dress if I’m in a rush. I like long, loose linen frocks the best; those that you can dress up or dress down and swoosh around in. You will usually find me wearing a sleeveless linen dress with deep pockets that I can layer with tees beneath or jumpers on top on cold days. I also have a bit of a thing for linen shirt dresses, such as my favourite off-white Olive dress and thicker pinafore dresses that I can wear when the temperatures drop. I love Toast for denim or sturdy cotton pinafores and Kid Philosophy*, Son de Flor* and Nadinoo* for everyday sleeveless dresses. If I’m not wearing a dress, I’m probably wearing one of my linen jumpsuits. My favourites are from Off On and a high street buy from several years ago - both sleeveless and easy to pull on. For autumn and winter, I’ve recently purchased a white short-sleeved linen dress from Linen Fox and a beautiful green cotton dress from Runaway Bicycle that I’m planning on layering with cosy jumpers and thick scarves. I’ve also had my eye on Elizabeth Suzann’s Clyde jumpsuit for the past year and am tempted to make a purchase.

Obviously, that is not my entire wardrobe, but they are the items I wear and love the most. They’re not conventional wardrobe staples (I’m not a jeans and white shirt kind of girl) but they’re the garments that work for me. I feel comfortable and myself in loose linen dresses, easy jumpsuits and skirts with elasticated waistbands. I don’t like to wear tight, restrictive clothes - I like to wear garments that I can move and breathe in.

I hope that answers some of your questions about my wardrobe! If you have any other questions, send me an email or leave me a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

All items marked with a * were previously gifted to me by the brands.