Late Summer Mood Board

Isn’t it strange how inspiration strikes? Back in April, I wrote a post sharing my current inspiration, talking about how I was attracted to fresh and light images. If you scroll through my Pinterest you will be bombarded with a very distinct aesthetic. Yet the photos that I take and share on Instagram still feel dark and moody. I’m naturally attracted to images that flaunt natural light, neutral or pink hues and plenty of negative space. This is how I decorate my home and fill my wardrobe. It’s what attracts me when I look at the work of others. Yet sometimes I need to pull it all together and create a mood board to streamline the ideas that I have in my head.

Any creative pursuit is a work in progress; a journey. I don’t believe that as a writer or as a photographer I will ever be completely satisfied by my own work. I’ll always be inspired by things that I see or read, sending me off in a new direction. That’s why I enjoy pulling these inspiration blog posts together, as a way of looking at my current inspirations and helping me fine-tune my current creative vision.

I find the cusp of a new season is the perfect time to look for inspiration. The seasons change gradually, and as summer reaches its peak and turns into early autumn I will be thinking of how the changing light and tones effect the pictures that I take.

So, where do I look for inspiration? All of the images in these collages are saved on my Pinterest, but I wanted to share some of my favourite sources of inspiration with you. These are the places and the people that I always look to when I feel like I’m losing my way. The people whose work I could stare at for hours.

Gillian Stevens

April & May

Kelly Brown

Babes in Boyland


Emilie Anne Szabo


Collage 1: Lifestyle Workshops, Maria Franck, Lena Saugen for Hotel Weekend, Emilie Anne Szabo for Hackwith Design, Sunset, Lifestyle Workshops

Collage 2: Aesme, April & May, Bell Jar, unknown via Pinterest, unknown via Pinterest, Lifestyle Workshops