Weekend Escapes (Ad)

The bag featured in this post was kindly gifted to me by Everlane. Affiliate links are included in the text below. All photos, words + opinions are my own.

I’m a weekend traveller; someone who frequently bolts away for a couple of days. I’d rather have several small holidays and getaways than save up to spend a year building up to a big trip. It doesn’t necessarily need to be abroad - I love disappearing on camping trips, weekends by the sea and to visit friends who live in other towns and cities across the U.K. I look back at my travels from last year, and realise just how many weekends I spend away. A sunny escape to Brighton, swimming in the sea and picnicking on the beach with my best friend. A rainy getaway to Bergen, hiking in the woods and admiring the colourful buildings. A short trip to Croatia, that felt like much longer. Camping on the Welsh coast (both north and south), weekends at music festivals, and spending a couple of nights on friend’s sofas. I love my home, but I also love getting away.

When Everlane kindly offered to gift me a piece from their collection, the first thing that caught my eye was, naturally, their twill weekend bag. The perfect size and shape for weekend getaways, this bag has already accompanied me on several weekend's away, proving to be the perfect carry-all. Obviously, I choose the colour that best matched my hair.

I’ve been an admirer of Everlane from afar for many years, always wishing that they shipped to the U.K. I always seem to fall in love with U.S brands that produce beautiful, sustainable clothing - yet get put off by the thought of expensive shipping and import costs. To my surprise, I recently discovered that they offer free U.K shipping for all orders over $100 - future purchases will definitely be made. Rather than adhering to the latest trends, Everlane provide high quality, affordable basics with new products added seasonally. They partner with ethical factories around the world and are completely upfront and honest about both their production line and the costs behind each garment. On each product page, they are transparent about their pricing, revealing exactly how much it cost to make the item you are buying. My bag cost $36 to make - they sell it at $98, compared to a traditional retail markup which would place it around $240.

So, where has my bag been with me so far and where will it travel this summer? I haven’t been away on a ‘holiday’ since February (pre-weekend bag) so it’s journeys have so-far been restricted to short trips to visit friends and family. But summer has just begun, and I have many plans for this bag! A camping trip in Cornwall, a short break in Croatia, a hen party in Wales and the subsequent wedding, trips to Brighton, London and Sheffield to visit friends and hopefully a late summer jaunt to a Balearic island are all on the horizon. This bag is the perfect size for all of my summer plans.

I’m one of those people who like planning ahead, and like to have several things to look forward to in my diary. My first trip of the summer has crept up on me - I’m flying to Copenhagen tomorrow, before hopping across the water to Sweden next week. I’ll be sharing much more from this particular trip on here and Instagram very soon! I often get asked how I afford to go away so often and how I manage to take the time off work. I do admit that I go away a lot, but most of the time it is just for a long weekend. I only work part-time, so it’s relatively simple to take time off from my day job, and I manage my freelance work so I can afford to take time off by working on blog content while I’m away and squeezing more of my writing and photography work into the weeks before and following trips. As for cost - let’s just say I’m good at finding bargains!

Fancy your own Everlane twill weekend bag? Top up your basket with high quality everyday basics for free shipping (orders over $100).