Feeling Inspired

Where do you look for inspiration? Lately, I’ve really got into Pinterest. I spend every spare moment on there, searching for images that inspire me and curating my boards. Often, I’m seeking photography inspiration but I’m also looking for inspiration for my home, for future travels and for my wardrobe. Recently, I’ve also been intrigued by colour palettes, texture and light. When a creative block hits or I’m not feeling inspired to pick up my camera, a good pinning session normally clears my head.

I don’t often share my inspirations on my blog, so I thought it was time to delve into what has been inspiring me recently. Usually, my Instagram feed serves as a good window into what’s going through my mind, but lately I haven’t been feeling as inspired by Instagram. The dark and moody tones that dominate my feed aren’t what’s inspiring me, and I’m feeling quite stifled. Creatively, I’m craving a change in direction, and the images shown in this mood board show the direction in which I’m leaning.

I’m feeling inspired by a lighter colour palette: whites and creams offset with pale wood, blush pink, rust and pale green. These are the tones that are on my mind when I’m thinking about my home, my summer wardrobe and my photography. Simple silhouettes, natural materials, no-fuss. I want to wear long loose linen layers and simple basics. I want to fill my home with simple ceramics, linen bed sheets, vases of tall grasses and wood & rattan furniture. I’m feeling inspired to play around with my photography and pay more attention to light, brightening up my Instagram feed with a fresh aesthetic.

Every now and again, I’m going to share my current inspirations on here; creating a mini mood board with the photos that I keep coming back to. Already, after seeing these images together in one place, I’m planning a few small changes in our bedroom and dining room, and feeling inspired to get my camera out (when it stops raining, that is). I’m also feeling inspired to shoot more indoors, taking advantage of all of our white walls.

I like to complete an inspirational exercise by giving myself a few words to bear in mind; to carry with me for when I’m feeling uninspired. Here are the words that I am taking away from this aesthetic:





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Images all via Pinterest. L-R: Elle May Watson, Leif, Linda Hansson, Elsa Kawai, Brittany Bathgate, unknown, House by the Fjord, Lula Japan, Meant, Rennes, unknown, unknown