A Slow + Simple Bedroom Makeover (Ad)

The lamp featured in this post was kindly gifted to me, and I purchased the pillowcases using a press discount. This post also includes affiliate links. All photos, words + opinions are my own.

I know, I know - we’ve been in our house for less than a year, so why am I already changing things in our bedroom? What was wrong with the room before? Well, when we moved in, we didn’t give too much thought to the bedroom. We just moved our belongings in and concentrated on finishing the rest of the house. The room was a blank canvas with white walls and laminate floor; a mismatch of our old duvet cover and a few bits and bobs that didn’t fit into the other rooms. Lately, I had been craving a relaxing space where I could curl up and read in the evenings, or laze in bed on languid weekend mornings. I believe in slow decorating; living in a space for a while before making changes based upon how you end up living in it. I had realised that I wasn’t spending much time in our bedroom, and wanted to create a space where I would want to be more often. The view out of our window is incredible, but I didn’t spend as much time as I thought I would lounging on our bed, gazing at the hills.

I was envisioning a fresh and bright space with a subtle burst of colour, based on the homes of the many Australians I follow on Instagram. Blush pink, terracotta, off-white and plenty of plants. I created a colour palette on Pinterest and everything fell into place when I fell in love with a print that fit perfectly into the colour scheme that I was envisioning. Cue a few new purchases and a shuffle around of plants + objects, and our bedroom is a much more welcoming and relaxing space, where I suddenly want to spend all of my time.

The print that I originally fell in love with, that sparked the entire colour palette of the room, is by Forn Studio. If you purchase direct from Forn, you are sent a link to print yourself but Rose & Grey (where I work) will soon be selling a capsule collection of the prints (available from 7th May). I fell in love with all of the prints we chose for our collection, but this abstract rainbow is my favourite. The colours leap out of the frame and brighten up the room without being too imposing.

To complement the print, I purchased four blush and terracotta linen pillowcases (using a press discount) from Piglet. In all honesty, I would have loved to have ordered a matching duvet cover, but my budget didn’t stretch to it. Luckily, I love how subtle the pops of colour look, and am glad we opted for a fresh white, washed cotton duvet cover. Sometimes you can splash out on the smaller things if you don’t have a the budget for a more expensive purchase. Also, I’m conscious that my tastes may change and I could easily replace the pillowcases with different colours in the future. The washed cotton duvet cover is from H&M’s conscious collection and feels light and soft on my skin. As with the clothes that I wear, I always opt for natural fabrics such as linen and cotton for bedding as they feel so much better against your skin. They also keep you warm in winter and cool in summer so it’s a win-win situation!

One item that we'd been missing from our bedroom was a bedside lamp. In all honesty, this was a huge factor in the reasons why I didn't spend that much time in the room. Who wants to lie in bed and read a book with a harsh overhead light glaring down on them? This Oak Touch Lamp was kindly gifted to me from Tala and I'm completely in love. It's simple design and petite size are perfect for a smaller room, and the oak stand perfectly complements our wardrobe. I love how the lamp has a couple of different settings, so I can create a more ambiant mood for those nights when I just want to snuggle up in bed with a good book.

With the warm weather the past two days, my bedroom has been a calming retreat. The sunlight floods in through the window, waking us up in the morning - we still don’t have blinds but I love waking up with the sun! The soft, warm colours are just right for the light in the room. Anything brighter or bolder would be too harsh. My collections of small vases filled with dried flowers and grasses, and the row of plants thriving on the window sill all tie the room together. With just a few small purchases and absolutely zero decorating or big changes, I’ve completely transformed the room to be a more welcoming and restful space. There was nothing hugely wrong with the room previously (see photos of before here) but everything just felt disjointed. I’m now over the moon with my bedroom - I’m currently writing this from my bed, feeling very content.

Slow + simple bedroom | blush, terracotta and white