How to Wear a Simple Jumpsuit All Year Round (Ad)

This is a sponsored post with Stalf but all words, photos & opinions are my own

I’m one of those people who like to have a wardrobe that works all year round. I do have a handful of garments that I only wear in high summer or the depths of winter, but most of my wardrobe consists of pieces that can be styled differently dependent on the weather. My new Stalf linen-mix jumpsuit is one such piece.

I included Stalf in my Ethical Brand Directory last year, where I listed some of my favourite independent brands that focus on sustainability. I’m expanding the Style section of my blog this year, offering more detail on some of my favourite ethical brands, as well as talking more about timeless style and curating a slow wardrobe. As we become more and more aware about how bad the high street is for our planet, I want to help my readers to discover ethical alternatives and to get on board with buying less but buying better.

If you haven’t come across Stalf before, here’s a little background. Owner and designer Paris has based her brand in Lincolnshire, with all aspects of the manufacturing process kept in-house. The brand focuses on everyday staples that can be worn year round and shuns fashion fads in favour of garments that will stand the test of time. Their pieces are available in a choice of colours ranging from cute pastels to neutral black and grey, and are designed so they can be layered with other garments to work for every season. Everything is made in small quantities, reducing waste, and all materials are organic. Stalf is also praised for being an inclusive brand, appealing to all women, no matter their shape or race. They use real women as their models and design clothes that work for any body shape.

When I first tried the jumpsuit on, it was on its own with nothing underneath. I immediately imagined myself on warm summer days wearing it like this, with bare skin beneath and my beloved Saltwater sandals on my feet. I already know that this is an outfit that I will wear over and over again this summer.  I value comfort above all else when getting dressed, and there is no garment more comfortable than a jumpsuit - giving you the same freedom of movement as a dress, with the added bonus of keeping your legs warm when the temperature drops. They’re also perfect for those days when you’re feeling a bit bloated and the restrictive waistbands of trousers & tights make you wish you could wear your pajamas out of the house.

But how am I wearing the jumpsuit now, on days when the weather fluctuates between 20 degrees with clear blue skies and relentless rain & shivering temperatures? In collaboration with Stalf, I’m showing you how I’m wearing this jumpsuit for the transitional season of winter into spring.


Late Winter

The jumpsuit arrived in early February, and it fast became my favourite thing to wear on my working-from-home days. When I’m working from my dining table (and let’s be honest, sometimes sofa or bed) I want to feel comfortable - but also ready to slip my shoes on to take the dog for a walk or nip to the shops. I’m not one of those people who can wear their pajamas all day. Through those last weeks of winter, I wore my cocoon jumpsuit layered over thin jumpers and long-sleeved t-shirts, throwing a thick woolly jumper on top if I was feeling cold.

Early Spring

Spring came early for a fleeting week at the end of February, and despite my worries about climate change, I have to admit that I enjoyed the feeling of the sun on my bare arms. This was the perfect weather for my Stalf jumpsuit, as I layered it with a simple white t-shirt underneath, my favourite trainers on my feet and a lightweight green cord jacket thrown on when leaving the house. I love that you can easily roll up the legs, and while I’m wearing them down at the moment, these sunny days had me looking forward to rolling them up to wear with sandals later in the year.

Late Spring  

Now, in March, the temperatures have dipped again and the rain is lashing down. Again, the beauty of this jumpsuit is the endless possibilities for layering. I’ve been playing around, layering with different t-shirts, both long and short sleeved but thinner than the ones I was wearing in winter. I’m also enjoying wearing short jackets over the jumpsuit, rather than my longer coats and thick scarves.

I like having clothes that work for all aspects of my life. In a previous life, when I worked in fashion, I had different wardrobes for work, weekends and nights out. Nowadays, I invest in garments that I can wear all year round, on any day. I want to be able to wear something for work, then go straight out for drinks or collapse on the sofa. With a simple change of top and shoes, my Stalf jumpsuit fits in with all parts of my life. I’m already planning on packing it for a couple of road trips I have planned this summer, knowing that it will be one of the most versatile pieces in my suitcase.

How would you wear this jumpsuit? Let me know in the comments!

Find out more about Stalf's Cocoon jumpsuit here. This was a sponsored post, but all thoughts, words & photos are my own.