Dressing for a Seasonal Shift with Toast (Ad)

Can you feel it in the air? A slight chill, a shiver down your spine? After three and a half blissful months of a scorching hot summer, Autumn is slowly creeping towards us. The days are getting shorter, autumn fruit is prime for foraging, and a few leaves are even starting to turn rust. Mainly, though, it's the sudden drop in temperature that we're all noticing. Following months of wearing barely-there clothes, it's become too chilly for sleeveless dresses and light-weight jumpsuits. I've been searching for the perfect transitional dress to get me through this in between weather that we're currently experiencing (and let's face it, will probably go on until November). When Toast got in touch to offer me a piece from their new collection, this simple shirt dress immediately caught my eye. Could this be the perfect dress for late summer / early autumn?

I wore the dress for the first time yesterday. It felt like autumn; dark, gloomy and a persistent rain that fell from a cloud so vast that it hid our views of the hills. It was still a little muggy, too warm for tights or boots, but the perfect weather for a long sleeved, long-skirted cotton dress. I like to wear clothes that suit all aspects of my life - I don't want to get changed to climb up the garden steps to dig up an onion for dinner, or to head to the pub for a gin & tonic. I want to be able to wear the same clothes all day; to feel comfortable yet to be happy with how I look. This dress ticks all of those boxes.

I'll wear this to work, and for weekend days out. I'll also wear it when I go out for meals, or if the sun decides to reappear and we dine in the garden. It's one of those everyday dresses that I know I'll get good wear out of. 

And, despite its pale blue colour and light cotton fabric, it feels very autumnal. Wearing it yesterday, as I sat at my laptop at the dining room table, I felt excited for the next few months. I'm a summer baby and summer will always be my favourite time of year, but autumn comes a close second. Autumn is my favourite time of year to walk in the countryside, and as much as I love everything being green, I love to watch the landscape turn to rust. The electricity and excitement of Bonfire Night and Halloween never fail to entice me, followed by the anticipation of Christmas just around the corner. Everything just feels sharper and crisper in the autumn months.

I'll be wearing this dress now with bare legs and sandals, before layering up with tights, boots and a cosy knit when the temperatures plummet. I've got a feeling it's going to be one of my most-worn garments over the next few months. I'm trying to cut down on the items in my wardrobe and only keep garments that I feel comfortable in, love to wear and wear often. This dress ticks all three boxes. 

I was sent this dress as a gift by Toast, but all words and thoughts are my own.

Photos by Dave Rowe.