Slow Travel a Little Closer to Home

My birthday falls at the beginning of August and, for the last few years, we've used it as an excuse to get away for a couple of days in the U.K. Going abroad in August is always too expensive (I save my summer holidays for either side of the school holidays) so we usually find ourselves camping by the coast somewhere not too far away. This year, we hopped in the van and drove for just over three hours to the Llyn peninsula in North Wales.

Despite spending plenty of time in North Wales both as a child and an adult, this was my first time on the peninsula. Rather than planning a jam-packed itinerary of places to visit and things to see, we didn't make any plans at all. We chose our campsite on the drive down, based on recommendations from friends. We prefer our campsites small and relaxed, as close to the coast as possible. For this trip, we camped on a farm about a twenty minute walk from the Ty Coch Inn. If you've never heard of this incredible pub, I suggest typing it into Google immediately. It sits right on the beach, nestled into a tiny peninsula. When you walk over the headland, you're treated to incredible views of the sea on both sides, the pub down below. It was the perfect location for a couple of days of sunset beach walks, morning swims in secret coves and late night wanderings in the pitch black darkness. We didn't do much, other than swim in the crystal clear sea, sit on various beaches and cosy up around a campfire next to our van. It was just what I needed though; three days off-grid, getting back to nature while disconnecting from reality.

This isn't my usual travel post. I don't really have any recommendations of things to see or places to visit (just get yourself onto a beach for sunset). More, I'd like to encourage you to explore a little closer to home. As much as I enjoy it, you don't always have to get on a plane to have an amazing holiday. 

I don't know if its just the amazing weather that we've been treated to all summer, but I have felt more inspired than ever to discover more of the U.K rather than just heading abroad. There are so many places that I haven't visited, and many destinations that are just as impressive as those that you find abroad. It's also a little easier to adopt a slower pace of travel when you're not flying to a far-off land. You can simply fill your car with everything that you need and set off without a concrete plan.

As we drove around the Llyn peninsula, and later on, through Snowdonia National Park, my eyes were glued to the windows. We passed amazing scenery and dramatic views, making the journey just as interesting as the camping trip itself. However much I love flying to far-away destinations, I much prefer the leisurely pace of a road trip; taking in the scenery along the way. Mountains, cliffs and meadows definitely make for more interesting scenery than clouds.

What do you think? Do you feel inspired to spend a few days exploring a little closer to home? Or will you always prefer to fly far, far away?