Field Notes: July 2018

Welcome to a new, revived and updated series of posts where I'll be sharing everything from my current inspirations to interesting discoveries. I started this series a couple of years ago and didn't continue with it for one reason or another - but it's back! I want to start mixing up the content a little more on Field + Nest, including sharing more diary-style posts and blogging more frequently. I'm really enjoying creating content for this little corner of the internet at the moment, but I don't want my website to become too editorial. I want it to be a place where people can be inspired. 


1. I'm currently trying to build up a capsule wardrobe of forever garments that I can wear all year round and wont date. Right at the top of my list are Beaton Linen's beautiful dresses and jumpsuits, a range of lovingly crafted simple garments made in Canada. These are the kind of clothes that I see myself living in, pulling on each day and layering up during the colder months. I've yet to make a purchase, as I'm always dubious about the import charges from Canada and America, but hopefully I'll one day own one of their garments. I just need to decide if I need a rust-coloured dress or off-white overalls.

Photo: Beaton Linen

2. I recently stumbled upon Hilde Mork's photography (thanks to my pal, Lou) and I'm absolutely smitten. I'm instantly attracted to every single one of her images, and have found myself scrolling back on her feed when I should be concentrating on something else. Her images are soft and peaceful, light and airy, with a focus on a slow pace of life. She's basically my ultimate inspiration right now.

3. There's always one destination that I can't get out of my head, and at the moment it's Sweden. It's sadly too late to organise a trip there this summer, but my mind keeps wandering and daydreaming about a warm week on an archipelago or an autumnal road trip, heading north. I'm as enamored with the cities as I am with the wilderness and hope that I can make my dreams reality in the next twelve months. Instagram feeds such as @_designtales_ @copenhagenwilderness and @_foodstories_ are fueling my daydreams.

Photo: Food Stories

4. As we continue to decorate our new house and make it a home, I'm seeking interiors inspiration mainly from Instagram. I'm especially drawn to white walls, natural materials and black touches. I'm currently on the lookout for linen, wicker and bamboo items for my home, and I feel like I'm constantly on the hunt for rustic vases and bunches of grasses to display in them. I'm looking to @myparadissi @saarmanche and @ingredientsldn for inspiration.

5. I'm really enjoying reading at the moment and have read some exceptional books in the past few months. I'm going to start sharing my reads in my Story highlights (inspired by @hannahroserose) but thought I'd share some of my recent favourites here in case anyone is looking for a summer book. The Hazel Wood, Social Creature, What Should be Wild, The Wicked Deep, Spellbook of the Lost & Found and Neverworld Wake were all page-turners that kept me up at night and made me miss my tram stop. Yep, there's a few YA titles there, but I do love an easy & engrossing read from time to time! I'm currently reading a collection of short stories entitled 'Fen' and The Water Cure, The Cheerleaders and The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart are all next on my list. 

6. And lastly, a little shameless self plug that I am now selling prints of my flower & nature photographs! A few people had been asking me on Instagram so I've decided to take the plunge and have set up a page where you can view all of the photographs that I am currently offering as prints. Prices start at £25 + postage for an A4 print on high quality art paper and I'll only offering a limited run of each print. Drop me an email on if you'd like to order one and we can arrange payment over Paypal. I'm also open to bespoke orders if the photo you're interested in isn't there.