The Written Word with Notem (Ad)

I live for writing. If I imagine a world like The Handmaid's Tale where I would not be permitted to read or write, my heart sinks. For me, reading and writing (and taking photographs) are among the greatest pleasures in life. I feel at my happiest when scribbling in a notebook or tapping away on my laptop. Without words, I don't know who I would be.

I've mentioned before how I've always loved to write. I spent my childhood scrawling in notebooks, keeping my thoughts and stories hidden away in a drawer. I'd ask my teachers if I could take my English work home, as an hour's lesson simply wasn't enough time to write down all the words that I wanted to say. I was brought up on words, and I will bring my own children up the same way. To read and to write enrich me in ways like nothing else.

I couldn't pinpoint exactly when I discovered my passion for the written word, just that I know its always been there. I'm currently sat in my garden, typing this blog post, and at this moment in time there is nowhere else in the world that I'd rather be than sat here in the sun with my laptop. This afternoon I sat in a cafe writing two articles for freelance clients. Tomorrow, I'll find some shade and sit outside with a handful of other articles to work my way through. This doesn't feel like 'work' however. I enjoy every moment of it, and I feel incredibly lucky that this is my job.

I love working away on my laptop, with the power to delete, save and send my work to the other side of the world - but physically writing with pen and paper will always have a place in my heart. There is nothing more satisfying than sitting down with a brand new, empty notebook and a pen, turning that first page and writing your first sentence. Whether I'm writing lists, jotting down ideas, constructing sentences for articles, or allowing my imagination to run riot and writing fiction, I will always prefer to use a notebook. 

I have a huge hoarding problem with my notebooks. How can I throw away the written word - especially my own written word? I'd rather keep a drawer filled with ideas, paragraphs and stories that I can refer back to at any point in the future. I can't bear the thought of those words vanishing forever. That's one of the pleasures of being published for me; that my words exist either in a print publication or on a website where people can go back to them and read them at any time. My ultimate dream would be to have my words published in a book. Fiction, my name on the cover, my words on the page inside. Until then, I'll continue to write in my notebooks, storing them away. Perhaps one day, the words inside them will find their way into a novel. 

Notebooks pictured are from NOTEM Studio

The four notebooks pictured above were kindly gifted to me by NOTEM Studio. All words, images & opinions are my own.