My Slow Summer

This summer has been utter bliss. Three months of scorching sunshine, countless wild swims, bountiful al fresco meals and endless opportunities to actually wear the summer clothes that usually hang listless in my wardrobe. It's been a long, hot summer; the best I can remember. One of the best things about the past three months? Rather than rushing & squeezing all my summer activities into one week, I've had the chance to take things slowly and simply enjoy the weather.

Summer in the U.K is normally three months of waiting for it to be hot, then stripping off your layers and rushing outdoors when the sun decides to shine. Three days of BBQ's, wild swims and sunbathing later, you wrap your sunburned body back in jumpers and look forward to next year. This year, we all seem to have got used to the idea that we now live in a hot country. The mercury has risen about 25 degrees so many times that I've lost count. When it finally rained, I danced it the street, enjoying the scent of the cold rain hitting the hot pavement. 

I've spent as much time as possible outdoors this summer, but I've also allowed myself to be lazy. It doesn't feel like there's any rush to make the most of the weather, when the sunshine is seemingly endless. Most evenings, I've pottered around my garden, picking the produce that seems to spring up overnight (you can read more about my gardening endeavors here). I've then thrown something together in the kitchen using ingredients that we've grown ourselves, before heading out into the garden to enjoy my dinner with a glass of wine, admiring the view. There's been plenty of BBQ's but we've moved beyond that typical British 'sun's out, grill's out' motto.

As someone who advocates slow living and moved to the countryside to adopt a slower pace of life, this summer has been exactly what I needed: an excuse to slow down. Rather than cramming as much as possible into one day, I've been lingering over tasks, limiting myself to one or two activities per day, and allowing myself to be a little bit lazy. If someone is coming over for dinner, I don't also have to fit in a swim and a walk into that evening. There's plenty of time to do everything I enjoy, but I've learned that I will enjoy it more if I linger over it.

Looking back, I'm content that I will remember enjoying this summer. I have swam in lakes, rivers and the sea, I have grown my own vegetables, I have taken myself for many walks, I've camped by the coast, I've explored other cities, I've enjoyed many delicious meals, I've spent endless evenings in our local beer garden, I've enjoyed the company of my favourite people, I've visited other countries, and I've simply sat and taken in my surroundings. 

And the summer isn't over yet! There's still at least a month (hopefully longer) of warmth and sunshine. There is my birthday, another camping trip, more swims in more places, weekends away - here & abroad, a festival & hopefully more ...

I'd love to hear how you've been enjoying your summer - leave me a comment to start a conversation!