The Beginning of Summer

Summer is always my favourite time of year, so the past month has been incredible. An early summer that gave us two scorching bank holiday weekends and weeks upon weeks of cloudless skies and blazing temperatures. It's only the beginning of June but I've already swam in the sea, camped on the coast, lazed in parks and dined outdoors. I'm completely in my element at the moment! If this continues, it feels on track to be one of my favourite ever summers.

Since I last wrote a diary-style blog post, a lot has happened. The main bulk of work has almost finished on our house with the bathroom being installed this week. If everything goes to plan, we'll finally be moving in early next week! Our garden is flourishing with gigantic vegetables and colourful flowers, and we're looking forward to finally having the time to enjoy it. 

In between all the work on the house, I somehow managed to squeeze in my first trip of the summer, camping on the Gower peninsula in south Wales with a group of friends. We were blessed with amazing weather for most of the long weekend - and an exciting storm one night, that we watched go out to sea from the dunes. Over four days we lazed on the beach, swam in the sea, walked on cliff-side paths, explored rock pools, ate incredible food and sat around a bonfire on the beach watching the sun set. I think the Gower is now one of my favourite places in the U.K. and I recommend visiting Llangennith and Three Cliffs in particular. Seriously, if you've never been to the area, these two beaches felt like we were on the west coast of America!

Mostly though, I've just been enjoying living in the countryside during summer. I've been taking breaks from my writing to walk the dog in the afternoon and evenings, wandering along country lanes and through beautiful walled gardens. It's such an incredible time of year to be in the countryside, listening to the birdsong and watching the flowers bloom. Everything is so green and colourful, and I just want to constantly take photos.

All of these photos were taken on an evening walk last week, when it was hot and humid. I was inappropriately wearing a knee-length dress and sandals, pushing my way through stinging nettles and overgrown brambles - and have the scratches on my lower legs as a reminder to cover up next time! We were staying at my boyfriend's parents and did a loop down the lane, along a footpath and then across fields. We then climbed over a stile and discovered a calf and several inquisitive young horses that all adored Evie. She was licking their noses while they sniffed her and bumped their noses against her head. When we left, they followed us as far as they could.

I'm making plans for the next few months, as summer is my favourite time of year to explore both the rest of the U.K and Europe. Trips to Sardinia, Brighton, north Wales and Croatia are all lined up, filling me with anticipation of exploring, swimming in the sea, drinking wine in the sun and taking photographs of everything. I've had to keep this summer's travels to a minimum this year due to renovating and moving into our house, but I've still managed to plan a few things to look forward to. Even though I can't wait to explore the new area that we'll be living in, I get itchy feet when I stay in the same place for too long.

I'd love to hear about your summer plans; where you are visiting and anything in particular that you're looking forward to? In the spirit of bringing back the old school way of blogging, I'm going to continue these chatty, life-update style posts once every month or so and I'd really love for you all to join in the conversation in the comment section! Blogging used to be so much more social, let's bring that back!