Making our House a Home with Desenio (Ad)

This is a paid partnership with Desenio but all words, images and opinions are my own.

We're in! We finally moved into our house yesterday and have spent our first night sleeping in our new bedroom. After three months of knocking down walls, installing a new kitchen and bathroom, decorating and laying floors, we are now officially living in Todmorden - and I don't have to drag a suitcase around with me anymore!

There's still a lot to do, but downstairs, our bedroom and the bathroom are *almost* complete and it is definitely starting to feel like home. When we first moved our furniture in yesterday morning, however, it didn't feel homely at all. The stark white walls and new laminate floor made everything feel a little bit too 'show home' for our liking. I'm used to being surrounded by objects and plants, and our house didn't feel right until we'd unpacked a few boxes. Once I'd placed books, candles, plants and other bits & bobs on shelves, tables and window sills, everything started to come together.

What really made the house start to feel like home, however, was when we'd put up a few prints on the wall. Once we'd put a couple of prints up in each room, we realised that was what was missing. The rooms no longer looked like white boxes; they started to show our personality and bright bursts of colours instantly made the rooms feel more interesting. Desenio kindly sent me three framed prints to display in my home, but I chose prints that really added interest to three walls that felt particularly bare.

The first print that I chose was this beautiful Meadow in Dawn print with a plain black picture frame, in the largest available size for the big empty wall between our kitchen and dining room. We have a stylish wood-framed chair with pale blue upholstery (more on that in a later blog post) that is sat in our kitchen-diner, and I was looking for a print with a splash of blue that would help to tie the two areas of the room together. I'm completely in love with this print, as the colours work perfectly but it also depicts my love for flowers and nature. It makes a dull wall instantly feel more interesting, and the large size has made the room resemble an art gallery.

For the living room, I knew that I wanted a print of either the sun or the moon with a burst of colour, so was thrilled when I stumbled upon this Winter Morning poster . I opted for this in the 50x70 size with a plain black frame to sit between the two windows at the back of the room. One of my favourite things about the two downstairs rooms in our house is that they both boast windows at the front and the back, allowing light to flood in all day long. There are no dark dingy corners and everything feels bright - a complete contrast to our previous home. Positioning this print between the windows helps to draw your eye to them, and I also love how it looks above our Mid-Century sideboard.

Finally, this Vintage Flowers Two poster (displayed in an oak frame) is perfect for our bedroom. I wanted a print for the small wall by our bed; something that would complement the beautiful view of the countryside when we wake up in the morning. The vintage-style floral print works perfectly with all the greenery both in the room and outside our window.

I hope you'll agree that adding these prints to my walls has helped to make our house feel more like a home. I'll be sharing more posts over the next couple of weeks, giving you a little peek into our new home and revealing a few before & after shots, as well as discussing my thoughts on our move to the countryside. 

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