Why It's Cool to be Comfy with Kings of Indigo (Ad)

Hear me out - I've only recently discovered that clothes can be comfy and look good. I went through years and years of feeling restricted in my clothing choices, as well as plenty of questionably outfits (but that's another story). Now, I only wear garments that I feel at ease in. That tends to mean natural fabrics, oversized silhouettes and items that allow for movement. My new Kings of Indigo culottes tick all of those boxes.

I only currently own three pairs of 'jeans'. One pair of blue jeans, straight-leg, high waisted, super comfy. One pair of cropped, straight-leg, black jeans with an elasticated waistband (even comfier) and now these: the Marian handwoven culottes. At the risk of sounding like I'm gushing, I don't think I'll ever need another pair of trousers.

When I showed my boyfriend and his mum these culottes online, they both scoffed at me. Culottes! Are they cool? Seriously? I was adamant that they'd look good, but thought they'd be one of those garments that some people simply do not get. Anti-fit fashion isn't for everyone, and plenty of people still want to wear what they think other people will admire them for wearing. Honestly, I couldn't give a toss what anyone else thinks of my outfits. I want to feel comfortable, and I know what I like to wear. Figure-hugging dresses and short hemlines aren't for me. I think ankles and shoulders can look just as sexy as boobs and thighs.

The first day I wore the culottes, skipping around on brick walls for these photos, I teamed them with my beloved Saltwater sandals and a cropped white t-shirt. I prepared myself for my boyfriend to raise his eyebrows and ask me what I was wearing, but to my surprise he nodded his head and muttered something along the lines of 'they look nice'. A smile crept onto my face - not only did they feel great to me but he who didn't usually 'get' my clothing choices had given them the seal of approval. (Disclaimer: my boyfriend is a nice person & just doesn't get why I like wearing jumpsuits, oversized dresses and the like).

Since I took these photos, I've been wearing the culottes every couple of days. Literally everyone compliments me on them - from my boss who is a fellow culottes lover to an elderly lady that was stood next to me in Aldi and told me my 'pants were lovely'. This reinforces my statement that it's now cool to be comfy. Back when I was squeezing myself into skinny jeans that I couldn't breath in, I didn't think I'd see the day when I could exhale wearing a pair of trousers. Nowadays, I want to be able to breath, eat, run after the dog and go for a walk wearing all of my clothes. I don't feel the need to own items that can only be worn to work or saved for best - every garment that I own should work for every moment of my life. And that means comfort is key.

Think about your favourite garment in your wardrobe. How comfortable is it? Can you sit down when you're wearing it (without undoing a button)? Would you wear it to walk across a muddy meadow? Could you curl up on the sofa wearing it? If you say 'no' to any of these questions, why is that your favourite garment? Is there a particular memory associated with it? Did you wear it for a special occasion? Do you feel good when wearing it?

I'm no longer as fascinated with clothes as I once was, but I am intrigued with the stories behind garments that we love or loathe. These culottes will no doubt go on to gather up many stories of their own, as I am wearing them so often. They're already the culottes that I wore on that walk down the lane on that sunny evening, and the culottes that I wear when I'm perched on the sofa writing. Who knows what stories they will be part of - their comfort means that I will wear them more, meaning that they will be involved with more future stories than other, not so comfy items that I own.

It's not just comfort, of course. They're also incredibly flattering (which is why my boyfriend liked them) with a classic A-line silhouette and high waist. I'm also a little bit obsessed with the linen-cotton mix fabric that feels oh so soft to the touch. I also love King's of Indigo's dedication to sustainability, something that I'm keen to advocate on my blog. Their website tells you which factory each items was made in, and where the fabric was sourced from. Their ultimate goal is to be the number one sustainable jeans brand in the world, finding more sustainable ways to produce their garments and encouraging people to get the most use out of their clothes. If you're interested in purchasing a pair of culottes or another garment from Kings of Indigo, you can read more about their sustainability policies here.

I was gifted these culottes by Kings of Indigo, but all words and thoughts are my own.

Photos by Dave Rowe