Interior Inspiration

Photo: My Scandinavian Home

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll definitely know that I'm currently renovating a house because that's what 90% of my Stories are about at the moment. You can read more about our move here but we've basically taken on a huge project that involves doing up an entire house from scratch. So, rather than moving in and slowly transforming each room, I've had to burrow myself in interiors inspiration to completely redesign every room in the house at once. Slightly overwhelming, to say the least!

Luckily, I work part-time for the wonderful interiors store, Rose & Grey, so I'm constantly surrounded with beautiful furniture and catalogues filled with inspiration. I've mainly been using Instagram and Pinterest to curate inspiration, looking beyond trends to plan rooms that I will love for years to come. There's a bit of trend-led inspiration with my choice of black fittings in the kitchen and bathroom (I'm also thinking of going for black door handles throughout the house), but that's more thanks to my hatred of stainless steel. 

We're painting the entire house white (after flirting with the idea of colour) to give it a blank canvas. The original floorboards are beyond saving, so we're going for laminate flooring that looks as realistically wooden as possible. Most of our existing furniture is coming with us from our old house, but I've already found a new dining table and chair for the kitchen-diner and we will need a few extra pieces for upstairs. I'll be balancing out all those white walls with lots of warm woods and natural materials. It's hard to sum up the style that we're going for (I don't like labels) but it's a mix of Scandinavian, Mid-Century, country cottage and that pared-back, contemporary rustic look that I see in a lot of American homes. 

As we prepare for our imminent move (the kitchen is currently being installed, our floor goes in next week and then we are hoping to move over that weekend), I thought I'd share a bit of the inspiration behind the renovations. I have plenty of interiors-focused posts up my sleeve once we're settled in, including before & after's of each room, for everyone who has asked. But for now, while I (im)patiently wait, here are the images that have inspired our new home. For once, I'm going to let the pictures do the talking.

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Instagram @katherine_ormerod of @camillecharriere's home

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