Life Lately | Little Pleasures

Is there anything better than a heatwave? All of a sudden I'm having to shave my legs and paint my toenails, summer dresses and sandals at the ready. It feels like Spring is finally here! The trees are covered in blossom, we're planting vegetables and flowers in our new garden, and as I type this it is 8pm and still daylight and I've just got back from walking the dog down country lanes. I've been counting down until this time of year for what feels like forever. There's something about being able to spend more time outdoors, feeling the sun shining on your skin, that really puts a spring in my step. I love baring my skin and feeling the warm air caressing it.

As the work continues inside our new house (electricians have now finished and builders have started), we've been spending our time working in the garden. We have lots of outdoor space, but it's all on steep slopes so we have to be clever with it. The past few weekends have been spent digging out vegetable patches, leveling the patio, trimming bushes and tidying up paths. I'm crossing my fingers that the good weather sticks around until the weekend, so I can fulfill my 'good life' dreams of planting flowers in the sun, hat perched upon my head wearing some sort of linen garment (rather than the dungarees that I've been sat in the mud wearing recently).

While we're staying at my boyfriend's parents house, I'm making the most of our countryside surroundings and taking Evie on long evening walks, whatever the weather. The past two evenings have been magical, walking around at 7pm without having to wear a jumper or jacket. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen the story I shared the other day. We wandered down the lane so I could photograph a cherry blossom tree that I'd been eyeing up (is it just me or is the blossom really late this year?) and the owner of the house the tree stood in front of came out to speak to me. Rather than being pissed off that I was technically stood in her front garden, she told me a lovely story about the tree's history and connection to her family (see my Spring highlights on Instagram if you want to know more). I can't help imagining the same scenario in my old neighbourhood - I'm pretty sure I would have been yelled at.

When I've not been outdoors, or working, or sat on a train, I've been reading. Over the past few weeks, I've got my hands on a few great magazines that I've been pouring over. I recommend picking up a copy of Rucksack magazine's second issue (not just because I have an article inside), the latest issue of Ernest, and the debut issue of Enki magazine. Rucksack and Ernest are two of my favourite reads, sharing beautifully written stories about the outdoors and curious adventures, while Enki is the perfect publication for my taste in design and architecture. I read the first issue cover to cover in two days, bookmarking a dozen places I'd love to visit and endless inspiration for my new home (and the self-build project that I'd love to undertake in the distant future). 

I'd love to know your thoughts on these diary-style posts. I'm joining in with Tania's plan to bring back the golden days of blogging when content was focused more around daily journal entries that producing shiny editorial content. I'm liking the mix of combining the two, sharing little glimpses into my everyday life alongside my more creative content. What do you think? Do you prefer more editorial content or regular diary-style posts?