Life, lately

I'm feeling inspired by my blogger pal, Tania to share more of my day-to-day life on my blog, among my more editorial posts. I've been blogging since 2008, and agree with Tania that blogging has become less like sharing a journal entry and more like creating content that wouldn't look out of place in a glossy magazine. I still have my favourite blogs that I read on a weekly basis, all of which have distinct personalities, but I used to have a reading list of several dozen blogs, most of which were basically online journals. Most of those blogs have now faded away, several have even closed their archives, and I miss catching up with the nuances of their everyday lives. Capture the Castle, Daydream Lily and Discotheque Confusion are the ones that stand out in my memory, the ones that I used to read religiously each day, but there were so many more whose name I have now forgotten.

All those little snippets of daily life that I used to share on my blog have now found their place on my Instagram Stories. They last for 24 hours then vanish, rather than staying on the internet for me to look back over on a later date. Of course, the golden days of blogging faded long before Stories was even a twinkle in Instagram's eye, and many people say that blogging is now completely dead, but I don't believe that. There will always be a place for people to have their own little corner of the internet, where they can write about whatever they want. The general public may have mainly moved over to Instagram, but the blogging community is still here.

In the spirit of the 'good old days' of blogging, I'm going to be sharing more personal posts on Field + Nest, beginning now. The timing fits in perfectly, as we are finally completing on our house today! Over the next few months, my journal posts will likely feature the progress of our house, as we knock down walls, decorate and finally move in. I'll also be documenting everything on my Stories (look for the Berwyn folder in my Highlights), but I'll be writing more about the journey itself on here.

So, what have I been up to lately? We moved out of our old house just over two weeks ago; a house that we had lived in for nine out of ten years of our relationship. A house just around the corner from our favourite bar, close to all of our friends, perfectly located for me to get to work easily. It was sad to leave, but surprisingly not as sad as I was expecting. There were no tears, only excitement for what lay ahead. We put all of our furniture into storage and slowly (I'm taking this slow living thing even as far as packing up a house slowly) packed all of our belongings and moved the boxes into the garage at my boyfriend's parents house, where we've based ourselves for the next few months. They live in the middle of the countryside, where you have to drive to a shop or the nearest train station (I don't drive), so we're pretty cut off here. I'm also spending a few days a week staying with friends in Manchester and we've just borrowed the keys to a friend's house in our new town.

Basing myself in the countryside is helping me to slowly get used to our new life. We're much more remote where we are staying now compared to where we are moving to. Our new house is in a small town, just 25 minutes from Manchester city centre on the train. The train station is a couple of minutes walk from our front door (we can see it from our bedroom window), meaning that I can easily get to work or meet friends. We're surrounded by open countryside with a woods looming behind our back garden and open land directly to the side of the house. At Dave's parents, we've been breaking from our work to walk across the fields at lunch time and before dinner; something that I hope will become part of everyday life as we get used to having fields, woods and hills within easy reach.

The next couple of months are likely to be consumed with house renovations, as we try to get the upstairs ready to move in as soon as possible. It's going to be a long time before everything is as perfect as I'm envisioning in my head, but I'm happy to take the whole process slowly and make sure that everything is just right. We're planning on moving in once the building work is complete and our bedroom and bathroom are finished, with a long road ahead of us to finish the rest of the house.

In the meantime, any free time that we do have, we're catching up with work and getting outdoors with the dog. These photos are from a snowy day two weeks ago when I ventured out in the early hours of the morning to admire the white landscapes, and a walk earlier this week; when we walked across the fields behind Dave's parents house towards a local nature reserve. Venturing off the marked path, we went in search of the wild ponies that roam there but only found marshland and ancient moss-covered trees. We then found ourselves completely lost and had to scramble up a steep embankment covered in spiky brambles to escape!

Here's to more adventures, our new house, our new life - and more personal posts on this blog!