Inspiration for a Slower Pace of Life

I'm currently in search of a simpler life, giving up our house in the suburbs of Manchester for a move to the countryside. I want to spend more time appreciating the smaller things in life, slowing down my daily routines to avoid as much stress as possible. I've had my fair share of barely any sleep, lengthy commutes and stressful jobs. Over the past two years, I've realised that the nine-to-five lifestyle isn't for everyone and that there are other options for how to make money and live your life. A slower pace of life has been calling out to me for some time now.

Slow living is often misconceived as a predominantly visual trend, after all, there are many, many hashtags on Instagram dedicated to the movement. There's more to this lifestyle than beautifully styled cups of coffee and wild flower posies however. You can't simply take a photograph and declare that you're living a simpler life, you have to actually practice what you preach and live the life that you are portraying.

Buy less, make more. Grow your own vegetables, keep chickens, go foraging. Bake your own bread, cook your own meals from scratch. Walk everyday. Spend as much time outdoors as possible, connecting with nature. Choose ethical products: clothing, toiletries and cleaning products. Fill your home with items that are useful and that you believe to be beautiful. Surround yourself with people (and animals) that you love. 

Here are six people that I look to for inspiration for a more fulfilling life. They inspire me to live a slower, simpler and more ethical life. Look beyond their photographs and delve into their blogs, read their captions and absorb yourself in their websites.