Why I Don't Share Everything

As a travel blogger, I feel compelled to share my adventures with my readers. Whether that's constantly updating my Instagram stories while away, collaborating with a brand to create a unique piece of content, writing an editorial for a magazine or website detailing my travels, or creating a travel guide to a specific destination - my journeys always seem to be well documented. 

You may have noticed, however, that I've spent quite a lot of time away recently without documenting it very much at all. In fact, I've spent entire long weekends completely radio silent on Instagram. The truth is, sometimes I don't want to document my every move. Sometimes, I want a relaxing weekend away with my boyfriend + dog, a mini-break exploring a new city with friends, or a couple of days dancing in a field at a festival without having to share every little detail.

Over the past month or so, I've slept in the back of our van by the coast in Norfolk, spent four days visiting friends and exploring Edinburgh, hung out with my best friend in Brighton, visited another pal in London and enjoyed two festivals (Greenman and End of the Road). Most of the time, I've kept my adventures to myself, with perhaps a couple of sneak peeks on Instagram. It's been refreshing, to say the least. I think we bloggers sometimes forget that we don't have to share absolutely anything. Sometimes, taking a little break or a step back is just what we need.

I'm guilty of planning my trips around content; thinking in advance of places I'd like to photograph, brands I'd like to team up with or shops/cafes/restaurants I'd like to visit purely to feature them on my blog. While this is great for updating my blog and generally making a living from having travel content to write about, I'm well aware that my travel companions don't want dragging around on a quest to visit the most Instagrammable spots, and they certainly don't want me directing them to take photos of me every five minutes. Quality time spent with others almost always involves putting the phone/camera down and actually engaging in real life, not with a 'like'.

My weekend at Sisterhood Camp was the complete antithesis to the above. My time there was spent creating content and connecting with like-minded people also focused on content. Yes, it was relaxing and yes, I did actually give myself a break from Instagram while I was there - but I returned with hundreds of photos and plenty of content to share.I felt refreshed, energised and inspired. When I recently put a call out on Instagram asking for local fellow creatives to get in touch to create content, this was what I had in mind. Sometimes, I need to separate my travels from my work, and I need to think outside the box to create the content I need for this little space on the internet as well as for my freelance work. As a side note, if you're interested in creating any kind of content together, please do get in touch.

I do have more travels coming up this year (Puglia at the end of the month and Morocco in November), and I am planning several posts based around past trips, travel tips and my ultimate wanderlust wishlist. So for anyone wondering about the lack of travel content, do not worry - there is plenty planned! But I'm afraid you won't be seeing a travel guide to Edinburgh or a more detailed story from our time in Norfolk.

I'd also love your input. If there's anywhere or anything you'd like me to blog about, get in touch by leaving a comment below or dropping me an email - emmalavelle42@gmail.com