An Ode to Autumn

There's something about this time of year that I love. The transition of summer to autumn, when it's still warm enough to leave your coat at home, but definitely time to bundle up in your favourite knits. When all you want to do in the evenings is snuggle up on the sofa, light candles and read a good book or work your way through a box set. When your days are filled with crisp morning walks through fiery forests. The colours, the scents and the sights of autumn all spark an urge to create. 

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Lucy and I headed out to the edge of the Peak District to spend an afternoon getting inspired by the beginnings of autumn. The leaves were still green and the countryside still luscious, but the beginnings of autumn were twinkling in our peripheral vision. We drew inspiration from the ferns that surrounded us, on the banks of a pond and in the middle of a wooden glen, combining the greenery with my red hair to incite the spirit of autumn.

My friend Lou commented on one of these photos on Instagram calling me a 'hedge witch'. I love that phrase, something that I first encountered in a post on Lou's blog last autumn. As Lou explained, a hedge witch is someone who can't help but connect with nature and gather foraged objects when she wanders outdoors. One of the elements of autumn that I most love is that connection to nature; for me, it's the time of year when you can't help but notice the world around you. Who doesn't want to pluck blackberries from a bush, twirl a fern leaf around in their fingers, or gather chestnuts from the forest floor?

Autumn is a time for embracing nature. Whether that means foraging for edible food in a forest, taking your dog on a woodland walk, visiting your local pumpkin patch, or simply strolling in the countryside and admiring the foliage, everything about autumn connects to nature. It's the time of year when we most feel the urge to bring objects from the outdoors into our homes. Feathers, acorns and pine cones that we've picked up in the woods are proudly displayed on shelves as tokens of our autumnal adventures. Bouquets of fresh flowers are replaced by arrangements of twigs, fuzzy-headed craspedia and crispy honesty. A prelude to bringing pine trees inside in December, perhaps?

My plans for autumn all involve getting outdoors as much as possible. Walks through forests, across heather-covered moors and up hills. Visits to pumpkin farms, orchards and tree-lined lakes. Picking apples and damsons from the trees, then returning home to make crumbles and gin. Gathering elements of nature and arranging pine cones, acorns and foliage in glass lanterns to display in my home. Spending more time taking photographs and capturing the little details that others may not notice.

Keep your eyes peeled for many more autumnal photos, coming soon.