The Forever Dress (Ad)

I like to have a uniform; a reliable, go-to outfit that I can easily pull out of my wardrobe on mornings when I'm too bleary eyed to think about what to wear. I'm no minimalist - I own plenty of vividly printed dresses and I'm not shy of wearing bold colours, but I do have a collection of staple pieces that form a sort of capsule wardrobe within the chaos of my actual wardrobe.

Simple white t-shirts, the perfect fitting pair of blue jeans, nonchalant black culottes and probably too many pinafore dresses make up the staples of my wardrobe. Garments that I come back to time and time again, that I can dress up or down, that I know will work for any situation. There are several pinafore dresses squeezed into my ever-expanding wardrobe, but I've been searching for years for the ultimate black denim pinafore that would go with absolutely anything and work all year round. Well, I've finally found it.

Toast's black denim apron dress has barely been off my back since I eagerly unwrapped it a couple of weeks ago. Right now, I'm endlessly styling it with my favourite white or striped t-shirts, but I'm already lining up long sleeved tops and knitwear to wear it with when autumn arrives. The simple silhouette, the little white buttons, the deep apron pockets, the dungaree-style back - every element of this dress is exactly what I've been searching for. It's as if Toast delved deep inside my head and found the blueprints to the perfect dress that I've imagined for years.

If you don't already own a Toast garment, you may wonder what all the fuss is about. I received my first ever Toast dress exactly a year ago, as a birthday present from my boyfriend. I was blown away by the quality and the easy fit and have been building up my collection ever since. All of their garments, even the more statement printed dresses, are forever pieces. Items of clothing that transcend trends and seasonality, that you can wear for years to come. By promoting a more thoughtful way of life through their designs, Toast forfeit fast-fashion in favour of timeless garments that will be treasured by their owners.  

So what makes a 'forever dress'? I own floral vintage frocks that cost me £5 that are beloved pieces every summer, but I wouldn't call these 'forever' garments. This Toast dress earns the title of a 'forever dress' because it transcends trends, seasons and flights of fancy to be truly valued as something I will wear time and time again for years to come. I'll wear it in winter with woolen tights layered over jumpers, I could wear it loose over swimwear when the temperatures soar. I'll wear it to work, to the pub, to a festival, or to just slob around the house in. I'll fill the pockets with foraged treasures when walking through the countryside, or with props when styling a photoshoot. I'll wear it now, and I'll wear it when I'm older. I'll wear it forever. 

Black denim apron dress by TOAST

I was gifted this dress by TOAST but all opinions are my own