A Summer List

I recently happened across a post on Instagram with a captivating caption. The post detailed a list of summer plans, talking about how the author wished to spend the next couple of months. I was instantly reminded of my Autumn list that I curated back in September (and failed miserably to actually tick most activities off due to hours wiled away working on our house renovations). I felt inspired to make a similar list for Summer.

These next six months are my favourites of the year. I relish blazing hot summer days, leaping into water to cool off from the humidity. The late Indian summer that we now seem to enjoy every September pleases me with its warm days and cool nights, and then autumn erupts in a fury of fiery leaves and crisp mornings. 

July and August though, they are purely selfish months. Time for cutting back on my workload and stepping away from my computer to travel to even warmer places or simply to lie in the grass in the back garden and breath in the scent of summer. With warm evenings come opportunities to stay out late, gazing at the sky above and drinking in the electric ambiance that summer storms bring.

Here is my summer list. A list of things that I would like to do, eat, touch, listen to, see or experience before the temperatures begin to drop.

Swim in the sea - in the UK and abroad

Drink wine from picnic glasses, dangling my feet into the water

Lie on the grass at night and watch shooting stars soar over head

Climb a mountain (or at least a really high hill)

Jump into a freezing cold river

Sit around a campfire, breathing in the smell of wood smoke

Dance on the grass at music festivals

Camp by the coast

Spend as much time as possible outdoors

Take a boat trip where I can jump off the boat into the sea

Spend evenings in the garden, drinking gin, barbecuing seafood and sitting in the sun

Photograph everything, taking my time to be more creative

Stay out late on a warm night, drinking Prosecco in the park

Swim in a lido

Take a boat trip to spot marine life such as seals, whales or dolphins

Write more, in a journal if sat outside, for new and interesting magazines, websites and brands


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