Mallorca | An Ode to the Sea

I love nothing better than being beside the sea. There's something about the taste of salt on my lips and a sea breeze whipping up my hair that sucks me in. Whether I'm bathing in sea water, admiring the view from on top of a cliff or dining on seafood in view of the harbour, I'm at my happiest when the sea is in sight. 

Our stay in Cala Figuera offered everything that I love about being by the sea - even if the town doesn't have its own beach. We spent our days swimming in the clear waters of the traditional harbour, floating on our backs beside towering cliffs and swimming past quaint little fishing boats. The rocks by the open sea offered the perfect place to jump into the water and cool off, or the shadowed path underneath the hotel gave us a place to shelter from the sun and watch the waves. Late afternoon, we would stroll down to the edge of the harbour to watch the boats pull in, unloading crates of freshly caught fish that the locals scurried to buy. We'd then eat that fish hours later in restaurants overlooking the sea.

One afternoon we hired a motor boat and cruised up and down the coast from Portopetro to Calo des Moro admiring the rocky cliffs of the dramatic coastline. We anchored in secluded bays to leap from the boat into the turquoise water (I promise there's no filters on the images below - it really was that blue), gazing at the fish that swam below us. At Calo des Moro we swam to the beach, stopping to catch our breath in the crystal clear shallows, sinking our toes into the soft white sand. We stopped at Cala Santanyi for a light lunch, leaving the boat bobbing in the water as we again swam to the rocks to leave the water. Close by, a small bay offered the opportunity for private swimming and lounging on rocks. The wind whipped my hair into knots as we sped up the coast, the speed of the boat the perfect antitheses to the tranquility of the private bays. 

There were many places in Mallorca that I wanted to visit, but the pure relaxation of the harbour got the better of us and our boat trip was the only time we left the town. Mornings around the pool pleasantly drifted into light lunches of goat cheese salads while admiring the scenery, effortlessly transitioning into strolls around the harbour before leaping into the water to cool down. We admired the traditional fishermen's houses by the water, making a mental note to rent one if we ever return. Following gorging on seafood (including one particularly mentionable seafood platter that involved 12 different types of fish and shellfish), we would return to the harbour or the cliffs to sit with a tumbler of wine, watching the locals go about their evening routines. I loved to perch on a wall by the harbour, watching fishermen return and turn down their boats for the night. Up on the hills opposite, we would pick out our favourite houses and imagine living there, dining on the terrace following a day at sea.


Wearing: Mango strappy floral dress

Photos of me by Dave Rowe