The Perfect Summer Dress (Ad)

Do you ever slip on a dress and never want to take it back off?


Over the past few years I've been cutting down my wardrobe, giving away or swapping unwanted garments with friends and only investing in pieces that I know will stand the test of time. No more fast-fashion, trend-led items, just high quality clothes that I will treasure for years to come. On my search for more mindful fashion brands, I stumbled upon Toast and have been filling my wardrobe with their covetable clothes ever since.

When I was searching for the perfect summer dress to accompany me on my recent trip to Portugal, I immediately fell in love with Toast's high summer collection. Although I was tempted by various summer dresses and classic smocks, it was a simple pinafore that made its way into my wardrobe. There's something about the versatility and practicality of a pinafore that always draws me in, and I especially loved the button detail on the side of this one.

In the humid temperatures of Lisbon and Sao Miguel, I wore the dress on its own, embracing the heat and leaving my shoulders bare. Back home, I've been layering the pinafore over thin jumpers and T-shirts, ensuring that it earns its keep as one of the most versatile items in my wardrobe.

So, what makes the perfect summer dress?

For me, it's a linen or natural cotton fabric, a midi length, a loose fit and a low back. There's just something about wafting around in a flowing skirt with your shoulders bare that simply screams 'summer'. Not one for showing too much flesh, a longer length means that you can embrace thin straps, an exposed back or an off-the-shoulder look, exposing tanned arms and allowing your skin to breathe in the heat. I actually like my legs and don't mind getting them out when its warm, but I'll always prefer the freedom and femininity of longer skirts, perfect for swooshing. 

I'm on the lookout for another couple of summer dresses to add to my wardrobe - any suggestions would be welcome in the comments below!

Dress c/o Toast but all opinions my own

All photos are my own