A Bag For Adventures (Ad)

The outdoors is forever calling me, beckoning with howling winds or misty air. Suffocating in a concrete jungle, I know I'm where I am meant to be when I leave the city behind and find myself surrounded by hills, moors, mountains, cliffs, fields and the sea. The feeling of empty space around me, the wind whipping through my hair, breathing in fresh unpolluted air is the perfect way to clear my head and make me smile. One day, I'll live in the countryside or by the sea, but for now I take every opportunity to escape into the wilderness. 

This past weekend, like so many of my weekends, I stretched my legs in the countryside that surrounds Manchester. Even though I live in the city, I'm thankful to have so many incredible places right on my doorstep. The Peaks, the Dales, the Lakes, Wales - all within a short drive. For a day out exploring and walking in the wilderness, my new Millican canvas rucksack is the perfect companion. It's the perfect size for stuffing my essentials (waterproof, water bottle, at least two cameras) inside and the roll-top means that I can adjust the size of the bag accordingly dependent on what I need to take with me for the day.

I went for the 15 litre Smith the Roll Pack from Millican's Maverick range, opting for the vibrant gorse colour mainly because I knew it would look awesome in photographs, contrasting against neutral landscapes. Not only perfect for hikes and adventures, the size of the rucksack makes it ideal for everyday use - especially thanks to the hidden laptop pocket and the reflector that can easily be revealed for cycling at night. Another bonus: the eco-friendly bag (its made from 57% recycled canvas treated with wax to make it waterproof) features aluminium buckles rather than unnecessarily using plastic.

I think you can tell that I'm smitten!

Someone asked me recently what was the one thing that I always take with me on holidays, day trips, hikes and adventures. The first thing that came to mind was Evie, my dog, although that answer isn't technically correct. I absolutely adore taking Evie out into the countryside for a long walk far away from busy roads, where she can run around to her hearts content without me having to worry about her - but I unfortunately cannot take her abroad with me. My next thought was my cameras, although it's hard to pin down which one from my extensive collection. I have a wide variety of film cameras that I am currently learning to use in manual mode, my DSLR which has always been by my side until lately, and my new Canon M10 which is fast becoming my favourite companion. All of the images in this post were shot with this nifty little camera, and whilst it might not have the quality of a pro camera, I'm really impressed with the results; images that I'm excited to share on my blog. I can't imagine ever leaving the house without at least one camera slung around my neck to document my journey.

Puzzling over my answer to this question has made me think about what I really need to take with me when I leave the house. I'm definitely an over-packer (ask my friends, I'm the girl who brings a suitcase for one night away) but I'm resolving to change this. I love the idea of this rucksack being one of the items that I always take with me, shunning other luggage whenever I'm going away for a short period of time. I'm spending the upcoming weekend in London and this bag will be the only thing I take with me, I'll just have to be strict with myself when it comes to packing!

I'll leave you with more photos from my weekend - apologies if the amount of images in this post crashes your computer! I very rarely like photographs of myself, but am in love with this entire set that we took over two days this weekend. I love shooting on cloudy or misty days and dragged my boyfriend out of the house as soon as I opened the curtains and saw that the conditions were perfect for photographing my new bag!

All photos my own | Photos of me taken by Dave Rowe | Photos taken with Canon M10

Bag was gifted, all thoughts are my own