The Wanderlust Interviews: Beth Squire

Continuing my new series of Wanderlust interviews I caught up with one of my favourite Instagrammers, Beth Squire to ask her a few questions about her landscape photography. Based in Bath, Beth documents her travels around the world (and the rest of the UK) to create dramatic images that demonstrate her love for the natural world. I usually admire photographs that include people in the foreground or in the distance to add a sense of scale, but the beauty of Beth's photos is that she can create such incredible imagery from landscapes alone. The colours, light and compositions that she captures transport you around the world, showing you secluded places where time seems to stand still. 

Read on to discover more about Beth and her photography.

All images by Beth Squire

How did you get into landscape photography?

Going to Canada for two months last year! It really showed me that landscape photography is what I want to do. Before that I was focusing on fashion, but that trip and all the time I spent traveling around helped me realize my passion for landscapes., but I think Canada would do that to anyone!

I love the range of landscapes in your portfolio - what is your favourite type of landscape to shoot?

Up in the mountains is my favourite place. I have never lived close to that sort of landscape so it was really special to me to have time to study them, to see the angles and the light from different perspectives during the day. It’s an amazing place to shoot, just because every shot comes out different.

You've taken photos in many beautiful locations - where was your favourite place to shoot?

That has to be Canada, without a doubt. Mostly because of the amount of time I spent there, I really got to know the place and see how truly beautiful all the different areas are. I would love to go back for an even longer trip next time, maybe in the winter, just to see the place covered in snow! It’s the only place other than England that I could really see myself living.

You've recently traveled to Lapland - how did you find that?

Lapland was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I’ve never seen so much snow in one place! I think going in February was perfect as it was very quiet, so I got to explore without there being too many people around. The only down side, if I can call it that, was that the roads are a little sketchy with all that snow and ice, but it was an amazing experience.

Beth Squire 15.jpeg

If you could travel anywhere to take photographs, where would you go?

I have been thinking a lot about visiting the Arctic and Antarctica – its somewhere that is still quite unexplored and I like travelling to places that not many people have been. I like to look for a different angle on my photos, a different way of looking at something and somewhere like the Arctic is so unusual that I am sure I would come back with some incredible shots.

Who are your favourite photographers on Instagram?

That’s a difficult question! I love Alex Strohl’s images; he’s inspired my work for years now. John Bozinov has some stunning images from Antarctica that everyone should go and check out. Kate Holstein has also inspired me a lot recently, her work is just so beautiful. There’s too many for me to name but those are my top 3 at the moment!

Where do you find inspiration?

Either through travel videos (I do have a guilty habit of watching quite a lot of these!) or Instagram which really inspires me to go out and find new places to visit and shoot.

Describe your perfect day

Waking up somewhere new, preferably in a log cabin in the middle of the woods. First things first would be to make a great coffee. Gluten free pastries would be involved too (I’m a Coeliac so I’m not saying that to seem healthy! Unfortunately) Then, I would pack a rucksack and go for a nice long walk exploring the woods. Probably finish the day off by getting in the car and driving, looking for beautiful places to shoot some great photos along the way.

Beside the sea or in the mountains?

Definitely mountains, every time! I do love the sea, I’d love it more if I was any good at water sports, but until then you’ll find me in the mountains!

City or countryside?

Countryside - although living in Bath I do love the city, but I love the peace and quiet of the country, I like my own space and sometimes in a city you don’t get that.

Black & white or colour photography?

Depends on what I am taking a photo of to be honest. But for landscapes I do prefer colour, the natural light and textures that colour brings to a photo are hard to beat.

Digital or film?

I have used both at various times. I would say Digital at the moment because it’s a lot easier to travel with, but I do love using my film camera for some locations.


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