Retrospective | 2017

Another year is almost over; just four days remain of 2017. It feels like every year flies by faster than the last, and the past twelve months quite honestly feel like a blur. For someone who is attempting to slow things down and enjoy the smaller things in life, time is my constant foe. I'm constantly making lists of things that I want to do and places that I'd like to visit, but I feel as if I'm always running out of time. 

2017 has been a year of exploring, a year of accomplishments, and a year of huge decisions. In the past twelve months I've traveled to six new countries, had my work published in some of my favourite magazines and on incredible websites, and we've sold our house in the city and had an offer accepted on our dream house in the countryside. In another 12 months time, my life will be completely different, and I'll hopefully be more content with my surroundings.

But before I skip ahead, here is a recap of the past year, following on from my 2016 and 2015 posts. 



The year began as it always does, with pacts to spend more time outdoors and to visit new places. It always seems like there is more time during these months to put aside entire weekends to dedicate to walking and breathing in fresh air. In January, following a photo shoot at a beautiful house in London, I took some time to catch up with friends in the city before heading to Brighton for wind-swept walks on the beach and lunch in cosy cafes with my best friend. I then headed to Norway for the first time at the beginning of February for four days in Oslo, staying in a small apartment on the island of Malmoya in the fjord. We spent our days up at the top of the mountain that towers over the city, sledging and walking in the thick snow. Later in the month, I spent a weekend in the Lake District with a group of friends, eating delicious food, walking through the forest and dancing into the night in a renovated barn. Towards the end of March, I traveled back to London to celebrate a friend's birthday and finally visited the Barbican. 

Places visited: Brighton, London, Oslo, the Lake District



April brought sunshine, showers and longer days, allowing more time for walks and just generally spending time outdoors. We celebrated two friend's birthdays with a weekend in the Peak District (walking, eating and dancing is a requiring theme for birthday celebrations) and were treated to unseasonably warm weather. Over the long Easter weekend, I headed to our family cottage in Kirkby Lonsdale with my boyfriend and dog for a cosy weekend disconnecting from the internet and reconnecting with the outdoors. May heralded my long-awaited trip to Lisbon and the Azores: an eight day adventure exploring the beautiful Portuguese city and the otherworldly island of Sao Miguel. June brought stifling hot weather, trips to the beach and Prosecco picnics in the park. Right at the end of the month, I headed down to Pembrokeshire for Sisterhood, finally meeting some of my Instagram friends in real life. 

Placed visited: the Peak District, the Yorkshire Dales, Lisbon, the Azores, Pembrokeshire



Spurred on by our time in the sun last summer, we headed to Mallorca in July for a week of swimming in crystal clear waters, reading by the pool and eating delicious fresh seafood. Surprisingly, this trip reignited a love for relaxing holidays and I began to appreciate the allure of slowing down while travelling. August, by complete contrast, was a hectic month during which I crammed in five different trips. I somehow managed to spend a few days in London, laze on the beach in Brighton, explore Edinburgh, attend Greenman festival and camp in Norfolk all within a few short weeks. Another slow break was needed, so (following another festival at the beginning of September), we headed to Puglia for a long weekend. Once again, I enjoyed a holiday based around eating, swimming and meandering around winding streets.

Placed visited: Mallorca, Edinburgh, Wales, Brighton, London, Norfolk, Dorset, Puglia



By contrast to the rest of the year, October, November and December have been pretty quiet months. I spent a lot of time walking in the countryside and honing my photography skills as part of Sara Tasker's Gloom & Glow Instagram course. At the end of November, I stepped completely outside my comfort zone for a four-day trip to Marrakech, discovering a love for a different culture while seeking out the slower side of this hectic city. And, perhaps the most momentous part of the entire year came when we sold the house that we have lived in for the past eight years and had our offer accepted on a house that we've fallen in love with.

Placed visited: Marrakech


And so there it is, my 2017. The next twelve months are shaping up to be even more exciting, with plans to move and highly anticipated trips already in the pipeline. Keep reading to discover where the future takes me.