An Autumn List


Can I tell you a secret? I love Autumn just as much as I adore Summer.

There's a certain magic in the air that appears at the beginning of October and doesn't fade until after New Year. It's not just the colours of Autumn that I love, although there's no doubt that the countryside comes to life to reveal its true glory at this time of year. It's the opportunities to forage, the best hiking conditions of the year, the crisp air on a cloudless day, the need for snuggling up and creating hygge in your home, the warmth of layers of knitwear and thick woolen scarves, the scent of firewood.

Last year, I felt that Autumn flew by in a blur and I barely got the chance to step outdoors and enjoy it. So, to get the most out of this year, I decided to write a list of all the things that I would like to do and places I want to visit. These first few weeks of the season are going to be taken up with fixing up our house, as we're halfway through a huge re-wiring, plastering, painting, installing a new kitchen project. But as soon as we are back at home, I'll be working my way through my Autumn list.

Visit a pumpkin patch, pick my own pumpkins and take photographs among the gourds

Head to the coast and take the dog for wind swept cliff-top walks

Fill my home with candles and soft lighting in every room

Hike in the Lake District, admiring the reflections of the rusty trees in the lakes

Host Autumn-themed dinner parties for friends in my new dining room

Pick apples and blackberries and make my own pies, crumbles and jams

Forage for damsons and brew damson gin

Spend evenings in the back garden huddled around the fire

Create a cosy reading corner where I can curl up under a blanket

Lie on my back in the middle of nowhere and count the stars

Take the dog on longer walks where I can admire the scenery

Dig out my film cameras and spend days shooting film with friends

Spend a weekend in a cosy cottage, taking long walks and sitting by the fire in local pubs

Invite friends to our home for an evening of cheese, wine & board games

Walk through the woods, foraging for feathers, pine cones and autumn leaves

Make cinnamon buns and rise early to eat them for breakfast under candlelight

Fully embrace hygge