Field Notes | Two

Photo | Christy Dawn

It's been a while since I shared my latest discoveries, inspirations and wish-list items, back in my first Field Notes post. Since then, I've been slowly curating a list of what I'd like to share in this second edition. It's proven hard to whittle it down to just six things that I'd like to share, so perhaps I should make these posts a more regular (monthly?) feature.

1. Amy Merrick's blooming wonderful Instagram / I constantly find myself drooling over Amy Mericks' Instagram feed, imagining a life spent with flowers. Whether she's exploring far off lands, teaching flower arranging, hosting outdoor gatherings or hanging out on rural islands with her best pal (and someone else who I've admired from afar for years), Siri Thorson, Amy effortlessly inspires. As with all online personas, there's obviously less photogenic days which slot in among the endless stream of eye candy, but it's hard to imagine Amy in a situation where she isn't surrounded by beautiful blooms. 

2. TOAST's Ruby Desert Boots / I'm besotted with these boots. TOAST have created the ultimate blend of sturdy masculine footwear and delicate feminine charm. They're just clumpy enough, the sole is just the right width and they have that statement label at the back that makes them easy to pull on whilst evoking memories of your first pair of Docs. But the laces are perfectly placed and oh-so-thin and elegant, and the leather is sumptuously soft. They'd feel just as awesome worn right now in late summer with bare legs and autumnal-hued florals as they would in the height of winter, sticking out of woolen-tights clad legs or peeking from beneath cropped jeans. At the risk of repeating myself (as I say this of most of TOAST's catalogue), they're a forever piece that I'd treasure for years to come. 

3. #ihavethisthingwithmustard / And, yes, by 'i have this thing' I mean 'I'm obsessed'. It seems like I can't get enough of mustard at the moment. Even at work the hue seems to be following me around, punctuating our new collection. I'm unwittingly photographing shades of mustard everywhere I go, and I'm planning it to be the main pop of colour in our bedroom, so it only seemed natural that I'd start a hashtag. It's only just getting started, but feel free to tag along with #ihavethisthingwithmustard!

4. Christy Dawn road trips / I often have the urge to run away with only a small bag of essentials (lies: I always over pack) and hit the open road. There's just something about embarking on an epic road trip that awakens a primal instinct to discover and explore. US clothing brand, Christy Dawn base all of their look books around epic American road trips, filling up convertibles and camper vans with bevies of best pals (who just so happen to be babes) and capturing the real-life moments along the way. Every time I scroll through their photographs, my feet get itchy and my wanderlust kicks in. 

5. Tsundoku / So apparently there's a Japanese word for those yet-to-be-read piles of books and magazines that many of us accumulate! The latest issues of Ernest Journal, In Clover and Another Escape are currently tempting me from my coffee table, alongside the first ever issue of Elementum Journal. Four publications that celebrate the outdoors, slow living, adventures and offline living - encouraging me to read instead of type. If your own reading pile isn't too overwhelming, these are the four magazines that I recommend adding to it. I'm thrilled to have an article of my very own published in the third issue of In Clover, interviewing the duo from Our Wild Abandon who have been inspiring me for years.

6. Eastern Canada wanderlust / Thanks to Miles & Miles for adding yet another destination to my constantly growing travel wishlist. After repeatedly pouring over their Eastern Canada travel journal, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Fogo Island have fast become the latest source of my wanderlust. Colourful cabins, coastal hikes, scenic boat trips and dramatic contemporary architecture are all tickling my taste-buds. I'm dusting off my tent, mentally planning a route and searching flights on a daily basis.