Santorini | Photo Diary 2

It's one month since I was lazing around a pool without a care in the world. In that time, I've worked, walked, basked in our very own UK heatwave and journeyed up to Edinburgh for a weekend of exploring with a group of best friends. I'm now overdue another week of lazing.

I like the idea of working hard and trying to cram in as much as possible for an entire month, then plotting in relaxing getaways to recoup in order to recharge your batteries for the next 30 days. After Santorini, my first 'beach holiday' in over six years, I've realised that a pool, proximity to the sea, beautiful views and an unlimited supply of fizzy foreign wine and healthy food is essential to that recouping.

I'm now itching to explore more of the Greek islands. Santorini was lovely, but very touristy and not very green. I'd like to dip my toes into the waters of some of the lesser populated islands and swim in undiscovered bays.

For now, here are more photographs from my trip to Santorini. 

All photographs are my own