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I'm always in search of an exciting travel blog to spend hours upon end pouring over. I'm quite picky, however (or so I've been told), and I find it harder than you would think to seek out the websites that stand out from the rest. I find myself in a difficult predicament because I'm always searching for the ultimate sites; the ones with beautiful photographs but also eloquent prose, the ones that make me want to immediately pack my bags.

Here, I am sharing the very best travel blogs that I have come across. Please share your recommendations with me in the comments below.


T H E  A D V E N T U R E S  O F  U S

Sarah-Louise and Christopher describe themselves as 'best friends and partners in life and love', sharing their exquisite photographs, creative short films and stylish recommendations from their travels on their super-slick website. There's just something so sincere about their site - rather than bombarding their followers with impersonal articles, they take a great deal of time and effort to curate beautifully presented guides and journal entries that perfectly reflect their personalities. Simply dreamy. 

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R O A M I N G  L O V E R S

As usual for me, I discovered Roaming Lovers via their Instagram, mainly because they happened to be in Iceland just before my own trip. Zoe & Gaspar are a freelance photographer and filmmaker, forging the perfect duo for creating breath-taking content that has a knack of transporting you across the world via the computer screen. Their site combines personal stories & photographs from their travels with more niche recommendations of shops & bars that they've discovered along the way. 

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M I L E S  &  M I L E S

Again, run by a duo (there's definitely something to be achieved by teaming up with your partner to create content), Miles & Miles can be explored as a journal format or by destination. Sarah and Stefaan have traveled all around the world, to places as far-flung as Europe, Asia, New Zealand and Canada, sharing their beautiful imagery and tales of their travels. Each destination is broke down into regions or cities, displaying photographs, stories and recommendations to inspire fellow travelers. 

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T H E S E  F O R E I G N  L A N D S

You may know Lucy Laucht from her hugely popular colour-soaked Instagram feed. These Foreign Lands is the online home of Lucy's photography, travel tips and stories of her own experiences whilst journeying around the world. Vibrant photo diaries from all of the destinations that Lucy visits are complemented with more concise travel guides that recommend places to sleep, eat, drink and shop.