Field Notes | One

I'm always stumbling across thing that I'd like to share on my blog, but don't necessarily constitute an entire post accompanied by me babbling away. Plus, the long term plan is to make this blog more about my own content, sharing predominantly my own photography to illustrate my words. So, here is the start of a new series of posts where I will share my current discoveries, loves, inspirations and favourite things that I stumble upon during my journeys around the world wide web.

1. Artifact Uprising's DIY coffee table books / Besides having an awesome Instagram feed, Artifact Uprising is dedicated to taking people's memories and making them tangible. I used to print my photos often, but haven't for many years now. Starting with my Iceland trip, I'm going to start creating beautiful hardback books filled with my own photography, that I can refer back to when I'm feeling whimsical. There's plenty of companies doing the same thing, but Artifact Uprising do it with such stylish aplomb (and recycled pages, fabric covers and slick designs) that they'll be my first choice.

2. The TOAST Emmet dress / I'm a big fan of TOAST, despite not yet owning any of their gorgeous garms. I'm constantly making a wish-list that I've yet to save up for, but their great design, quality fabrics and simple yet stylish silhouettes seem worth the money. I'm particularly enamored with their Denim Emmet Dress; a loose-fitted indigo-dyed pinafore with oversized pockets and thick straps that cross over at the back. This is a forever dress, the kind of dress that I can see myself wearing for the next fifty years. It transcends seasons, looking as good worn on its own with Birks in summer as when layered over stripy tees in the colder months. It's going at the top of this year's birthday list.

3. Minimal Affair's contemporary balloons / Sometimes, I stumble across the strangest things to obsess over. Minimal Affair was founded by a graphic design student in London who, when she couldn't find beautiful, stylish and minimal decorations for her own birthday party, decided to make her own. Style and elegance is key, as luxury balloons that you'll want to keep forever take centre stage. I particularly love the combination of tangerine, slate and white balloons as pictured above. 

4. This Iceland travel journal / i am a food blog normally shares recipes, but in my search for Iceland inspiration, I stumbled across this great post detailing Steph's trip around the Ring Road. Now permanently bookmarked on both my phone and my laptop, I keep re-reading it to absorb the beautiful photographs and make notes of places that I want to visit myself. 

5. The most beautiful ceramics I have ever seen / Instagram is usually the place where I discover a brand or a photographer that I fall in love with, and that's what happened with The Object Enthusiast. I started following Emily's feed when I stumbled across her beautifully unique ceramics and was soon DM-ing her to beg her to find stockists here in the UK. If you love unusual decorative objects (think trays, pots, bowls, etc.) in vibrant pastel hues with unexpected flecks of gold and the like, you're in for a treat. They're totally unique and sure to be a talking point in your home. I just wish I could get my hands on them on this side of the pond.  

6. Photographs that incite the ultimate fernwehBelka runs a wanderlust-inciting magazine named Fernweh, but it's her own photography that's currently got me in a tizz. Her Instagram account is filled with beautiful photos from her travels around the world, including recent trips to Africa, Iceland and Jamaica. It's impossible to scroll through her feed without feeling your feet twitch and subsequently browsing Skyscanner.