Insta-Love | Top 12 Accounts for House Plant Advocates

It's been a while since I've shared my favourite Instagram accounts (see here for Insta-adventurers), and since I'm currently experiencing somewhat of an addiction with house plants, I thought I would curate a collection of my favourite accounts for plant life & love.

I don't know what it is with house plants. It started with a palm for me, my boyfriend brought a huge one home from B&Q in a simple black pot and placed it behind the sofa. Suddenly, that void between the sofa and the window was filled with colour, texture, shadows and life. I was hooked. Slowly but surely, plants were creeping onto every surface and into every room, adding pops of beautiful green (which has always been my favourite colour) and interesting silhouettes. I particularly love them when the light shines through the windows and casts striking shadows on the white walls. But, even on the drabbest days, they cheer up my home.

My own Instagram feed is filling up with plants just as quickly as my home. Somehow, the more plants I bring in, the more photogenic the space around my becomes. I've found that I love to shoot grouping of plants together, abstract details as close as my iPhone camera will allow, and in situ scenes showing where my little green friends reside in my home.

So, here are twelve of my favourite feeds, all full of bountiful amounts of greenery. If you have any other green fingered favourites, comment below so I can obsess a little more.