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Whenever I check Instagram (which, let's face it, is pretty often), India Hobson's feeds are usually my first port of call. Filled with foliage, her feeds inspire me to add more to my own blossoming urban jungle. Recently, I've been pouring over the images on India's journal, Haarkon, and stumbled across these inspiring images of her home and plant collection, that I just had to ask if I could share. 

As you know, I'm a huge advocate of seventies styling, and India's apartment is a Mid-Century dream: straight walls, low ceilings and those beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows that allow light to flood into the room. I love how she's kept the decor to a minimum, complementing white walls with the occasional pale green feature wall, and kept all of the focus on her 40-strong collection of plants. 

The fusion of retro and contemporary is perfect. The entire aesthetic nods to retro influences, but clean lines, innovative lighting solutions (I'm just drooling over those bedside table night lights) and contemporary planters keep everything firmly grounded in the 21st Century.

Talking of planters, I love the combination that India has curated. Traditional terracotta, minimal white and geometric concrete play perfectly against each other; no fuss designs allowing the plants themselves to take centre stage.

It's not just for interior inspiration that I constantly find myself pouring over Haarkon's imagery. India's photography is beautiful, making exquisite use of the large volume of natural light that floods in through the huge windows, casting perfect shadows of her plants against the walls. I'd love to live among those shadows. 

If plants are your thing, click the links below. 

All images by Haarkon.

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