Iceland Planning

In 13 weeks, my feet will finally rest upon Icelandic soil. 

This trip has been a long time coming; after years of wistfully reading stories of other people's Icelandic travels online. The itinerary has already been roughly planned out, but I am still seeking further inspiration. And so my heart soared when I stumbled across the photographs of Nathaniel Atakora Martin.

Nathaniel's photographs reiterate everything that I am already anticipating; that I am going to fall in love with the diverse and spectacular scenery as we drive around Iceland's Ring Road. From black sand beaches to opaque blue waters, dramatic mountains to glacial lagoons, tumbling waterfalls to moss-covered lava fields, I'm going to want to stop and capture all of the natural beauty around me.

Our route is loosely plotted in, we're currently considering our hire car, and we've begun to book rooms in guest houses along our route. The Icelandic dream is drawing nearer, and in the build up to our trip, I am going to utilise this space to prepare, plan and share my inspiration. 

Please comment below if you have any tips or suggestions to aid with planning our trip.