Live Fast, Live Young

One of my favourite sources for inspiring adventures (and photography) has to be Live FAST Magazine. Skimming aside the online publication's other three niches of fashion, art and sex, I greedily pour through the On the Road and Wanderlust categories with reckless abandon. Seeking inspiration for where to go, what to photograph and how to have a damned good adventure, I bookmark destinations already on my wishlist and save the images that I most wish to replicate in reality. 

When scrolling through their archives, my eyes focus in on long stretches of open road, jagged mountain peaks, placid lakes, endless forests and van's overflowing with mattresses, blankets and camping gear. I imagine myself on the open road, feet on the dashboard, map on my lap, the sun setting behind us. Everything that we need is piled into the back of the car with (organised) reckless abandon, and we will call that car home for however long the trip takes. 

I've always envisioned the perfect road trip; casting my friends out onto the road to run into the distance for the perfect shot, taking that nonchalant photo from the back seat that catches the silhouettes of my friends up front amidst the glare of the sunset in the rear view mirror. It's a sham, made up moments from an imaginary photo shoot. In reality, I'd hopefully be having too much fun enjoying the moments to worry about capturing the perfect image. 

Together with my boyfriend, we have drove around the north of France, the north of Wales and the west coast of Scotland. This summer, we will take on our longest and most epic road trip yet, and my ultimate bucket list adventure: Iceland's Ring Road.

I'll be looking to my saved image bank of Live FAST shots for inspiration.