Winter Style Inspiration

When I started this blog, little over a year ago, it was with the intention of leaving blogging about fashion behind and concentrating on the subjects that interest me and that I write about in my freelance work: travel, slow living, interiors, adventures. Although I've shaken off any real interest in catwalk and high street trends, I do still retain an interest in timeless, well-crafted, ethical style. I've found that I'd rather invest my money in high quality pieces that transcend trends and can be worn again and again, year after year. Brands such as TOAST have taught me to foster thoughfulness and purchase versatile garments that can become a daily uniform of sorts.

Here's a fact: contrary to most people, I find getting dressed in winter much harder than in summer. It's much more effortless to simply sling on a floaty dress and a pair of sandals than it is to bundle up. Subsequently, whilst I love winter clothing, I sometimes struggle with layering and end up either freezing cold or stifling hot. My fall-back 'uniform' of pinafores and jumpsuits layered with knitwear can get a little tired when it's all I wear, day after day. 

To inspire both me and you, the reader, here are the images that are currently saved on my phone to provide moments of inspiration. Oversized coats and beanie hats, suede and denim, thick patterned knitwear, stylish raincoats, chunky scarves, layering, rolled up jeans and contrasting silhouettes. 

Where do you look for inspiration when it comes to winter style? And what's your fail-safe winter outfit?

First image: Stocksnap

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