Jeff Luker

Jeff Luker's photography perfectly encapsulates the excitement and adventures of road trips with friends. His use of film has me reaching for my long forgotten analogue cameras and aching to set off on an adventure of my own that I can document.

From wide-swept views of mountainous valleys, to perfectly timed snaps of friends frolicking on the roofs of cars on secluded dirt tracks, Luker captures the moments that will be treasured and remembered. He is particularly adept at balancing an image so that neither the subject nor the landscape dominates, allowing equal spotlight to both. Natural light, natural settings and naturally styled models (come as you are, there's no make-up artist or stylist here) allow him to create images that appeal to everyone from the seasoned explorer to the Urban Outfitter adventurer. 

Predominantly shooting American landscapes, Luker has me dreaming of renting a car and driving across the States with a pile of cameras and a bag overflowing with film in the backseat, photogenic friends piled in beside me. From the forest-covered peaks to remote plains, from blustery shorelines to humid creeks, he evokes a sense of wanderlust for a country that I am aching to explore.

I've already set myself up for a fall with my ridiculously extensive list of resolutions for the year, but here's one more:take more photos. I want to learn how to use my neglected cameras again, to document my days more thoroughly, and to set up and shoot photographs that I am proud of, featuring actual models.

Fingers crossed I will be sharing the results with you soon!

All images, Jeff Luker