An Ode to Adventures

Adventures are good for the soul. Whether you embark on a full flung adventure hiking the Pacific Crest Trail for four months, or simply a micro-adventure scrambling up a hill and yelling at the top of your voice when you reach the top; a good adventure will revitalise you. How can you appreciate the simple act of breathing unless you've experienced that tight-chested ache as you struggle uphill, or the instant hit of adrenaline as you run back down?

Adventures happen outside: on the tops of mountains, in the midst of the moors, on the edge of cliffs. They can be planned in advance, every little detail scrutinized, or executed spontaneously, on the spur of the moment. They can be experienced on your own, driving solo to a remote location to simply enjoy your own company, or shared among friends and lovers. They are the little and large moments of your life that you will always remember and will always treasure. 

There is no better feeling in the world than slinging on your backpack and a pair of practical shoes and heading off to create your own adventures, camera in hand. I want to have more adventures this year. More road trips, more hikes, more explorations. 

Here's to a year of adventures!