How to Introduce Nature into your Home

Controversially, I don't currently have any plants in my home, apart from a money tree that I'm somehow struggling to keep alive and three Ikea cacti that look after themselves. That doesn't really qualify me to write this post, does it? 

Well, part of our plan for sprucing up our home includes bringing the outside in and introducing plants into each room. So I thought I'd pull together a post educating myself as I go along. Take note that you aren't going to go away from reading this with an expert guide to how to keep your plants alive. Rather, I'll be delving into the different ways that you can introduce nature into your home and sharing my own inspiration.

Still with me? When it comes to bringing plants into your home, I'm always inspired by Lou from Little Green Shed and her popular #natureinthehome hashtag. I love idly scrolling through the images, seeking inspiration and saving my favourites for future reference. Over the past year or so, bringing elements of nature into your home has become increasingly popular, whether it's nurturing a collection of cacti, displaying cheese plants on every available surface, stringing feathers upon your mantlepiece, or crafting your own macrame plant hangers. Lou has been one of the innovators behind this trend, waxing lyrical about the joys of foraged objects before foraging was considered cool. Hop on over to her Instagram for further inspiration. 

Another Instagram account to look to for inspiration when it comes to all things green is @emily_katz. Emily's Portland-based home seems to be bursting at the seams with plants, hanging in her own handcrafted macrame holders from the ceiling, perched upon window sills and cluttering the floor in such a delightful way that she could be living within a jungle. Whilst I love how cosy and bohemian Emily's home appears, this isn't quite the look that I'm planning for my own home; I know full well that I'd struggle to keep that many plants alive!

So what am I thinking for my home? We're half way through decorating our new living room at the moment (I can't wait to share it with you once completed!), and we're going for a predominantly Mid-Century aesthetic. I like to keep things eclectic though (plus, we can't afford to kit the room out in Eames and G-Plan), so we'll be adding in our own touches including a few hand-crafted pieces. I want to stick with an overall Seventies vibe, however, so I've been researching which plants work best within this theme. 

The general idea seems to be the bigger the better. Oversized cheese plants and ferns towering over sofas and filling up the corners of rooms. Mother-in-Law's-Tongue perched upon coffee tables. Rubber plants sitting on shelves. Bright green in colour, large leaves, statement silhouettes that are easily identifiable. Also, conveniently, plants which don't require that much babysitting. 

It's not just about Seventies inspired flora and fauna, however. Terrariums and glass display cases filled with succulents and cacti are still incredibly popular. These little spiky (and rubbery) guys are super easy to take care of, and are still pure Instagram fodder. Show me one photo of a cactus on Instagram that doesn't have an abundance of likes! I'll be investing in a couple of tiny cacti to place upon the mantelpiece, out of harms ways from our inquisitive puppy. 

How do you introduce elements of nature into your home? Let me know in the comments below.

Images: My Scandinavian Home, via Pinterest x2, @littlegreenshed x2, @emily_katz x2, @indiahobson, via Pinterest, Take Courage.