An Ode to Overalls

There's just something about overalls.

The idea of pulling on a pair of dungarees over whatever top you fancy that day is akin to that of simply donning jeans and a t-shirt. For some reason, however, overalls possess that extra element of style pizzazz that  jeans are sadly lacking. I'm well aware that I'm incredibly late to the party, and that dungarees were 'on trend' several seasons ago and all the cool girls are now phasing them out. But, who cares about trends these days anyway. 

My minimalist style crush, Brittany Bathgate  pulls off dungarees with such casual aplomb that I can't help but feel tempted to imitate her style. Black or white dungs worn over soft grey t-shirts, stripy Breton tops or a crisp white shirt is a minimalists dream. Even if I am not a minimalist.

It's not just dungarees. I could create a capsule wardrobe out of my denim and corduroy pinafore dresses and the various tops that I layer with them. It seems like I rarely wear anything else these days. It's so simple to create a variety of different looks by switching between thin jumpers, Breton t-shirts, denim shirts and roll-necked tops. The ultimate lounge wear can be instantly spruced up by layering something lacy underneath for a night out, or smartened up for the office with the addition of a crisp white shirt. Style over a bikini in summer, and over thick woolen jumpers for winter. It's all about layers, and I love layers!