I write words for a variety of online journals, magazines, blogs, websites and print publications.  I love to write about travel, the outdoors, interiors, timeless style and slow living. I also take photographs of people & nature, advise on & manage Instagram accounts, and sell prints of my photos.

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Why Embracing the Great Outdoors makes Norwegians Happier and Less Stressed (online)

The 7 best trips to take as an intrepid solo-traveller (online)


Flow magazine 

Managing Online & Offline Time (online)


Studio by Whalar

I am the online columnist for Studio by Whalar, contributing articles to the 'Learn' section of their site. Articles include:

Blogging in an Insta-World

How to find your Tribe on Instagram

The Power of Brand Ambassadors

The Rise of Micro-Influencers

Why Authenticity is Important

What Attracts Brands to Influencers

Vero: What Brands & Creators Need to Know


Sisterhood Camp Community

I contribute regular articles to Sisterhood Camp's new online community, based around the themes of Creativity, Career, Wellness and Travel.

Sign up to the online community here to read.


Hotel Weekend

Slow travel contributor - read all posts here

Why Road Trips are the Ultimate Slow Holidays

How to Slow Down your Travels


The Uncommon Muse

The Woman Inspiring me in Creativity & Business

Why We're Falling For Contemporary Fairy Tales



What the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi can teach us about Travel

Why the Nordic Concept of Friluftsliv Should be your new Summer Philosophy


The Nordique

How to Embrace Friluftsliv


In Clover magazine

Everyday Adventures (online)

Interview with Our Wild Abandon (print - issue 3)


Lodestars Anthology

Island Life (online)



10 Places to Live Out Your Reclusive Fantasies


Rucksack Magazine

Winter Wonderland (online)

The Beauty of Winter (print - issue 1)

An Ode to Road Trips (print - issue 2)

The Allure of the Azores (print - issue 3)



March's Flower


The Vista

A Land of Fire and Ice



The Uncharted Azores


91 Magazine

Melia Malmquist Home Tour (print - issue AW16)

Fiona Brass Studio Tour (print - issue SS17)

Kristin Perers Studio Tour (print - issue AW17)

Form Lifestyle Store feature and Studio Hear Hear feature (Seek Inspire Create E-Zine August 2018)


The Culture Trip

Northern England correspondent from January 2017 - July 2018. Weekly articles including:

Why You Should Head to Yorkshire to see the Northern Lights

An Art Lover's Guide to Manchester in 24 Hours

How to Spend 48 Hours in Manchester

Oh Comely magazine

Interview with Emma Wright of Oh Dear Diary (online - old website)


Mahabis Journal

Weekly articles from July 2015 - January 2017 including:

Slow Road Trip series

Sunday Guide travel series

How to experience Fika outside of Sweden

A Guide to taking it Slow on Holiday

Seeking out the Northern Lights


London City Airport

Belfast Guide

Frankfurt Guide


Old Harry

A Journey Around Iceland's Ring Road


Atlas magazine

Instagram Accounts to Inspire for Winter (online)

Cultural Guide to 2016 (online)

The Azure Issue | Denim Daze (online)

The Timeless Issue | The Modern Woman's Timeless Wardrobe (online)

The Delicate Issue | In Bloom (print)

The Adventure Issue | Travel Bucket List (print)

The Aura Issue | The Allure of the Aurora Borealis (print)


The Wise Traveller

Weekly articles including:

Are you a Tourist or a Traveller?

Adventure Travel for Everyone

Travel with Purpose

Trekking with Mountain Gorillas


Lovin Manchester

24 Hours in Manchester

Best Speakeasy Bars in Manchester


Ballad of magazine

Interview with Alice Wint (print - The Tactile Issue)




Rose & Grey

I am Rose & Grey's Creative Content & Partnerships Manager. My work there involves writing the blog, managing content & social media, assisting with buying collections and planning & styling photoshoots. Over the past two years I have increased the brand's Instagram following from 250 to 50,000.

If you would like me to help with your brand's Instagram, please email to discuss rates

Near & Yonder

Instagram management




Portrait photos for Roselyn Reflexology

Photos for florist Maybe May