How to Live a slower life e-book

People live hectic lives. We struggle to balance work, home, family and friends and often end up feeling burnt out and stressed. To be more content and to appreciate the little things more, we need to slow down our pace of life.

I’ve created this e-book to help you to do just that: slow down your lives. It’s a guide to small changes that you can make in your everyday life, gradually, at your own pace.

The book is divided into five chapters, following an introduction. The chapters look at slowing down at home, creating a slow wardrobe, creating a better work-life balance, slowing down your travels, and seeking inspiration from the Nordic countries.

COST: £9.99

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What do you get?

You get a beautifully presented PDF digital document that you can download and keep on your computer or phone (I recommend the Adobe Acrobat app for best viewing on your phone)

The e-book includes 55 pages of exclusive written content, intersected with my own photographs and several tasks to get you thinking about making changes in your own lives.

who is this e-book for?

My e-book is for anyone that wants to learn more about slow living and would like to make slow, subtle changes in their own lives.

It is also for anyone who enjoys the content that I share on my blog and Instagram and would like to read more.

COST: £9.99

Click the link below to pay via Paypal

I am taking orders manually via Paypal and emailing the e-book directly to everyone who purchases it. Please allow time for me to receive your order and manually send the e-book to you, especially during working hours and overnight.

Please respect my copyright and don’t copy any of the content or forward the e-book on to anyone else.